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The Next Phase for Sea Cadet


I have hinted at the fact that Sea Cadet’s next chapter is planned out (and will include health insurance!) As he finishes his Advanced EMT certification and tests for the national registry this July, he wasn’t quite ready to make the leap into more schooling or commit to a career somewhere.

He was presented with the opportunity to work for a county about an hour from us and they would pay for his Paramedics school. I thought that was the direction he was going to go, but they required a 5 year commitment and he wasn’t ready for that.

But I think we, and by we, I mean HE has made a fantastic choice for the next year of his life…He will be serving with FEMA Corps beginning August 6th! And I couldn’t be more proud.

Why FEMA Corps?

It is the perfect combination of professional development for my service oriented son (EMT and Volunteer Firefighter) and financially stabilizing opportunity. They will cover his living expenses and provide healthcare as well as a bi-weekly allowance.

After he serves he will be eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award which will help him continue his education. His ultimate goal is to become a PA, but I believe he’s going to go a round about way to get there as he has so many other interests. And I fully support him trying everything!

We are planning now for this next phase of his life from the financial standpoint. He will not have any education debt, but we do have to deal with the latest medical emergency bills. And he will still have a phone bill and car insurance, so we are brainstorming on how to minimize all of this and save for it now since his income will be minimal.

Have you or did anyone you know serve with AmeriCorps or the Peace Corp? How was their experience? Any guiding words here?


  • Reply Reece |

    Best of luck to him. I hope he gets enough of a stipend that he can afford his bills–it’s good you’re thinking about this now and helping him budget to save for that before August, if possible.

  • Reply Drmaddog |

    I think this is a good plan for him to get some experience. I wansnt familiar with the program and looked it up. The webpage says the stipend is only $4k for 10 months unless you are a team leader. Also from me FEMA Corp page: ‘The AmeriCorps NCCC Healthcare Benefits Plan is not insurance, but rather a basic health benefit package, and will not satisfy the individual responsibility requirement of the ACA’ Does he know that? Does he have a plan for paying the medical bill? Can he work on top of this? Good luck to him

  • Reply Akasha |

    As long as he doesn’t have college debt, he’ll be fine! Medical debt is flexible. If you are paying $50 a month, you have the right to just call out of the blue one day and say I can only do $25 right now (or whatever). Never put it on a credit card! Medical debt arrangements made directly with the facility is interest free

    • Reply Drmaddog |

      How medical debt is handled depends on the facility and the provider as to how patient they want to be. Some offer a discount for immediate payment in full, others don’t. Some will do nothing if you pay something every month on time, others turn it over to collections quickly. It’s not universal. A patient always has the freedom to say ‘I can only pay XYZ right now, but the facility and provide aren’t necessarily obliged to accept it.

    • Reply Drmaddog |

      How flexible they are with payments depends on the facility and the provider. Some will offer discounts for full immediate payment, others won’t. Some will accept partial payments over time, others will turn you over to collections more quickly. It’s not universal. So while you as the patient have the freedom to say ‘I can only pay xyz,’ they are not obligated to accept that.

  • Reply Drmaddog |

    Also, if there is a payment plan isn’t necessarily interest free. The hospital where I had surgery would make a payment plan but there was 2% interest.

    • Reply Laura |

      This is true. My hospital only does interest free if you can pay it off in 3 months.

So, what do you think ?