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Hope’s Anticipated Spending – Wk of 9/14


We are preparing to be hit by the outer rims of Florence tomorrow. Northeast Georgia is expecting lots of rain and high winds for the next couple of days. You will see I’ve given myself $50 to get a few storm supplies. We are good on food, but I’m going to stock up on some bottled water and batteries for flashlights.  We really have no idea what to expect.

We are also packing GO bags just in case. Our home lies in a valley and our yard flood with normal rain. We’ve got an evacuation plan in place, just in case. But hoping for the best.

Anticipated Spending - Week of 9/14

Income *after taxes$378
Volleyball - entrance fees($10)
Storm Preparedness($50)


Nothing really to explain this week. I did double my gas budget since my mom and sister will be in town, and I’m picking them up in Atlanta Sunday (pending storm status, of course.)

I appreciate all the feedback on my upcoming No Spend Month in October and plan of attack for debt payoff.  I’ll have updates on my plans in the coming weeks.


  • Reply Bowman |

    Instead of purchasing bottled water, you can fill up gallon ziplock bags with water (or your pots and pans, etc.). If you fear the power will go out, half-fill some bags with water and pop them in the freezer. You can use them as ice to keep food cold in your refrigerator or cooler, and drink the water in them once they melt.

  • Reply Cwaltz |

    If your region is anything like ours you are in for a scavenger hunt with bottled water and d batteries. We went to 5 different places before we were finally able to locate a portable power supply for the phones. The shelves were pretty hard up when it came to gallon water bottles. Anyway good luck.

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