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Making Lists Keeps Me Focused


Are you a procrastinator? In the past, I would have answered “Absolutely not!” If a task was assigned, I tackled it.

Now…not so much. And I believe it’s tied to the ginormous amount of stress in my life.

While I am taking steps to eliminate some of that stress, much of it is inevitable. Isn’t that the truth for us all?

Procrastination and Stress

A quick search on the internet let me know very quickly that I am no the only person experiencing this phenomenon. And everyone has a suggestion for resolving the issue.  These were some of my favorite resources:

  • Does Procrastination Cause Stress? And Vice Versa? I love, love, love her suggestions for dealing with it! Her solutions include: managing or rather your time better, staying in the moment and accepting that stress is part of life. It’s normal.
  • The Procrastination Problem I appreciate how this writer broke down the different types of procrastination. It is not the same for everyone. And it was eye opening to see that addressing the root causes, moving forward can help with a sense of achievement and self confidence, definitely something I need to work on.
  • Procrastination: Wasting Our Time and Increasing Our Anxiety We all know that waiting until the last minute causes an unnecessarily high amount of stress. Even for those of us that think we work well under pressure. The first recommendation in this article is where I started to address this issue for myself…Lists.

Making Lists

Making lists has always been my thing. I make to do list, gratitude lists, prayer lists, chore lists, grocery lists…you get the point. You could find lists for just about everything going on in my life. It keeps me sane and organized.

While I typically have my lists on my phone in different apps like Asana or on the whiteboards in our kitchen, there is definitely something to be said or hand-written lists.

money making task list

My current motivational list – Make Money!

I have found that I am much more productive and less likely to waste my work time if I have a Money Making Task list front and center when I sit down at my desk. These are all client tasks that I can do and make some money.

Since I am hyper focused on my finances and supporting my kids, this incentivizes me to get to work. Rather than checking things on Facebook or browsing the internet based on random dreams or thoughts.

Making a new list every night as I wrap up work, keeps it fresh and starts my work day focused on making money.

What tools or processes do you use when stress overcomes you or you find yourself procrastinating?


  • Reply Sue |

    I am also a list lover – my husband always teases me that I need a list to keep track of my lists. I’m finding as I get older I REALLY need those lists to help me remember things 🙂

  • Reply debtor |

    random – but i’m curious. Have you guys been incentivized to make SEO friendly posts? I’ve felt that in quite a few of your posts in the last couple of moment.

    • Reply Hope |

      I am trying to build up writing as part of my job offerings and thus have spent a good deal of time learning more about writing for the internet. You are definitely seeing that in my posts, I’m sure.
      I’m even going through my old posts on my personal blog and business site and redoing them with SEO and such in mind.

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