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  • Reply Louise |

    How is your account getting cleared out? Do you mean by fraudulent activity?

    If so, when was the last time you changed your password and PIN? Do you give them to the kids? Are they random or things that are easily guessed? When was the last time you got your card number changed?

    Apart from that, never let your card out of your sight, eg when paying do not let shop assistants take it and use it under the counter or in a back room etc.

  • Reply Drmaddog |

    To protect my money, I keep only a little in my checking and move my paycheck into a savings account. When I need to pay a bill, I transfer only what I need for that back into the checking. I use a saving account at the same institution so that the transfers are immediate, instead of a separate online bank which could take days. It is important that the savings account you use for this purpose is NOT linked to the checking account for overdraft protection, otherwise it could get drained too. I feel at least then, if my checking account is compromised, they won’t get everything.

  • Reply Alice |

    For online banking and paying of bills, I enter the bill information into MY bank’s online bill pay feature. They send the money to the utility, creditor, etc. The bank holds all the data, I do not put my bank information into other websites to pay their bill through their site. Everything goes through my bank.

    I know several people who have lost money out of their bank accounts because of having used their debit cards at gas pump. There had been an external reader added on, and someone got their information that way. So, for this one thing, I do use a credit card and pay it off each month.

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