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Capital One update


Hey! I realized I have one more quick update to share with you guys!

Remember this situation? To jog your memory – someone from Capital One called and said there was an attempted fraudulent charge on my account, asked me to verify some info, then said they’d send a new card. I asked if this was a tactic designed to try to get customers to use their credit card (since mine has been laying dormant for months).

You guys (many, many readers) scared the crap out of me when you said I’d been scammed! I called Capital One and they couldn’t verify whether the attempted fraud call had come from them or not. They said they’d change the account number and send me a new card (with new account number). They said someone from the fraud department would follow up with me.

Well, no one from fraud ever called.

But about a week after that incident, I got 2 letters from Capital One. The first had a new credit card (same number as the old card). The second had another new card (with new account number). Sooooo, I think that solves the mystery. The call alerting me about the attempted fraud was definitely from them (since they did, in fact, send me a new card). I think the fraud department still should have contacted me, but since I’d explained my concerns to the call center employee, I’m sure there were notes in the system and the fraud person would have easily been able to see that there was no actual fraud that took place (only a misunderstanding when I thought I might have been getting phished, but actually got a phone call from them).

This brings me back around to my original point though….. I still think this might have been a tactic to try to get me to use my card by bringing it to my attention and sending me out a new card so its right at my fingertips (instead of locked away in my safe). It didn’t work. I’ve actually never even called to activate the new card (though I guess I should? Is there any disadvantage not to? I don’t want to actually close the account since it would impact the length of my credit history).

That’s all – one last update for today. Now I think we’re all caught up for the most part. I do have a bit of a secret to divulge (which directly impacts our finances), but that’s going to have to wait for probably another week. Like that little teaser? I’m keeping you on the seat of your pants! haha! Really though, after this whole incident (when I lost a bit of my anonymity), I feel the need to be more cautious about what I say and when. I’ll spill the beans eventually, but I need a little more time. NO – I AM NOT PREGNANT! hahahaha!!!

Have a good weekend guys!!!



  • Reply Tania |

    At least they called the first time around. My Discover card just got cancelled and a new one reissued. No prior contact until I got the letter saying that the card had been compromised and I needed a new one. Thank goodness I never use the card, otherwise, I would’ve been pretty mad to find the card didn’t work (I have others, but I try to rotate them–regardless, it’s embarrassing to have a card not work). Glad they sort of fixed it, even if their communication was lacking when they said they’d follow up. You’d think they have records of all that.

    • Reply Ashley |

      Yeah, someone pointed out that the fraud department has privileged information, so it could be that regular call-center people don’t have that info. Regardless, it’d be nice if the communication were a bit smoother.

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