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The New BAD Blogger Format


Now that we have four new bloggers, the question was how do we set up their posting so that everyone can follow along, but it doesn’t become a mess. We felt having all the bloggers write posts randomly throughout the week could be quite confusing, especially having to reorient to which blogger you were actually reading about with each post. We have therefore put some structure into it so that hopefully the confusion will be minimal, and it will be easier to follow those who you like.

We have assigned each blogger a specific day to post as follows:

Ashley: Monday
Jim: Tuesday
Hope: Wednesday
Stephannie: Thursday

These are their days, and they will put up a minimum of one post on this day. These posts will be about them specifically, whether it’s about their budget numbers, a specific success that they had or any other post that they want to share to all about themselves. While there is a minimum of one post on this day, they are free to post more if the need / want.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be open days. Each blogger will put up at least one post over these three days as well. These posts will be more general in nature. They may be a question that they have and want the readers to give opinions about, it might be a great deal that they found that they want to share with everyone, or it could be a general “how to” article they put together from their own experience.

With this in place, each blogger will be making a minimum of 2 posts a week and we should have a post each day to keep the overall blog more active.

This isn’t necessarily the final way that it will be done, but it will be the way that we begin. As with any new project, we expect that there will be issues that we hadn’t considered. At a minimum, we will be making tweaks along the way. It also might be that this won’t be a good way to set it up, and we’ll have to change the process completely. Consider this the Beta version with multi-bloggers.

With that in mind, we always welcome the readers’ suggestions on ways that we could make this blog better, so feel free to share as the process emerges. As always, feel free to leave comments and I will be sure to read them.


  • Reply Angella |

    Can’t wait for the new format to begin! Would there be a way to add a tabbed widget in the sidebar so we could easily select an author and read their current 5 or so posts? Just a thought.

  • Reply scarr |

    I think this is a great way to start! I’ve other PF blogs that have multiple authors and I think it is a great way to have new content almost every day.

  • Reply Jackie |

    I’m really excited about this new format! I feel like the last few bloggers just haven’t been active enough. I think this way there will always be something to read!

    I’m assuming you’re creating a widget to separate each bloggers debt totals??

    • Reply jeffrey |

      We are currently working on that — it might not be ready at launch, but we will eventually have it.

  • Reply kim |

    Have you thought of color coding the fonts or something to indicate different voices? I’m super excited about multiple bloggers.

    • Reply jeffrey |

      No, we hadn’t considered that –will talk to Nate about it and the feasibility.

  • Reply CH |

    Once everyone is up and running I wouldn’t mind some friendly competition among the bloggers. Perhaps a ‘biggest loser’ style challenge with debt reduction instead of weight loss. Just a thought.

  • Reply Meghan |

    My only complaint with this new format is we have to wait all the way until next Monday to get started! There has been so much action on this blog lately that it is the only PF debt blog I have been reading! Is there any chance we will get some action over the next couple of days? My suggestion would be that each blogger could give us a post with a breakdown of their debts to include total amount due, interest rate, and minimum monthly payment. They could also tell us about their current method of repayment; are they snowballing, tackling higher interest rates first or lower balances, are any of them currently being deferred for various reasons, etc.

    Or, are they free to start posting now? I have full confidence that Jim has a post or two that he could polish off and post! (I am excited about all four choices, my three votes are all in there, and I am sure I most relate to the women, but Jim I believe your storytelling style is going to keep me the most entertained!)



    • Reply jeffrey |

      I have specifically asked them not to post until next week as we work on getting things set up on our end. There are technical issues with multiple bloggers we didn’t have with a single blogger. 100% my fault — the bloggers are ready and eager to begin. Apologies.

    • Reply Jim |

      Thanks Meghan! Now I can only hope to fill the shoes that you have outlined. haha

      I do plan to “spice” up this blog a little bit, and I know that Stephannie had the same idea as me.

      We all created a little BAD mastermind that we are talking in and trying to figure out how to best serve this community. We came up with one great idea, that we can’t wait to implement.

      Just wait and see!

    • Reply Stephannie |

      Yes, very excited about the things we’ve been talking about doing. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  • Reply Cathy C. |

    This sounds fantastic! Really looking forward to reading here again and I love that we’ll have multiple stories! I think this will be a very motivating and interesting site to visit again!!

  • Reply Den |

    Would it be possible to post the bloggers photo at the top of their blog post? Might help to keep them all straight.

    This is going to be great – thanks for putting it all together!

    • Reply Ashley |

      Hi Den! I have no idea! I can ask Jeffrey if this is something that would be possible. I’m glad you’re excited – I think all of us (the new bloggers) are excited, too! : )

  • Reply gloria-victoria |

    Right now the format is confusing. Each blogger needs to have their name on the blog post and a picture so we can tell the players apart– at least until we can tell them apart. Right now they are just starting the post with information and I don’t know who is writing it unless I go to the website instead of reading it in email form.

    Can you do something to mitigate the confusion? even something as simple as ” Hey, this is Monday so this is Ashley reporting.”

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