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I Must Bid Farewell…


For about the last eight weeks or so I’ve been having great difficulty with blogging.   I think there are a whole host of reasons for that beginning with my insane travel schedule.  Additionally, there are the obvious major life challenges I have faced since September 2012.   I feel like I was managing the challenges well and definitely moving on a good path toward financial freedom.  That’s no small feat when I stop and think about things. 

The situation that has developed with my ex-husband is different.  It is taking a lot of energy from me and I am finding that trying to keep up with the blog is causing me additional stress (instead of the help it has been up until now).  Maybe I shouldn’t have even shared the issue on the blog but it is such a huge part of what is happening in my world right now, I just don’t know how I could have stayed silent about the issue.  That said, sharing it with you generated comments that touched a nerve that had not been touched throughout this blogging experience.  I take responsibility for sharing the information and am not looking to cast blame on my readers, but I also have to be honest with myself and all of you — that comments suggesting I was/am being petty and somehow am part of this problem were the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”   As part of my own recovery regarding marital relationships, I simply cannot tolerate even a suggestion that I am the problem here.  At one time I may have been but I have worked hard, modified my behavior tremendously and have to stand up and say I will not hear that I am the problem.  My kids are my number one priority (by the way, got it in writing from my ex this week that he has someone in his life now that “is number one along with the kids” and I and the kids just need to understand that).  Say what you will about my bad choice in husband #2, but I never, ever, ever put him before my children. 

Now, am I saying that three or four comments suggesting I was being petty about a bathing suit pick up have caused me to jump ship off the blog?  Of course not.  I am being honest and telling you though that those comments made a decision for me and that decision is I cannot do this anymore.  I will continue to work toward financial freedom and could not be more thankful for the opportunity to use this forum to help get me there.  I truly could not have done it without the accountability factor that the blog brought to my life.  I will carry that with me and continue to look for resources to keep me on track.  I have paid off nearly $2,000 in debt already this month.  I feel cautiously confident.  I must move on though and huddle close to my kiddos and help them through this challenging and unpleasant time in our lives. 

Thank you to the blog owners and to all of you who cared enough to read and comment.  Be well.

Note from Jeffrey

With Claire deciding that it’s best for her to leave, we have an opening for a new blogger to take over Blogging Away Debt. If you think that you would be a good candidate to be the fourth blogger here (after Tricia, Beks and Claire). we’d love to have you apply. We don’t require that you have any blogging experience in the past, but simply have the willingness to share all the ups and downs which come along with paying off debt. We don’t want someone who has all the answers, but someone who is in the process of taking the steps needed to pay down their debt and get their finances in order — and share with all their decision-making process whether it turns out to be right or wrong.

There will be a small amount of compensation for this blogging position, but not enough to make it worth doing for any other reason than you believe that the blogging platform will help you in your debt reduction goal. If you feel you have what it takes to take over this blog, please contact us at info@1s0s.com expressing your interest. We will then provide more specific information about the blogging position, ask a couple of questions and request that you provide a couple of writing samples. Applications will be accepted for this position until June 26.


  • Reply debthaven2 |

    Claire I am SO SO sorry to see you go. I have been so looking forward to cheering you on past the finish line, you are so close! You are definitely the person here I have related to the most.

    This said, I was somewhat surprised that somebody as strong as you would have been as hurt by those relatively few comments. I think it was probably an accumulation of things. But I guess after all you’ve been through, those comments cut to the bone.

    There are a LOT of bullies on the internet. It’s so easy to bully somebody from behind your computer screen. I’m glad I’ve never done it.

    I too hope you post again, or guest post, so that your fans can cheer you on as you cross the finish line.

    Best to you and yours Claire. And strength, and hugs.

    • Reply Jen from Boston |

      It’s also very easy to make a snap judgment about an entire relationship based on a blog post. While I could see why a reader might think she was being petty about the bathing suit issue, I don’t think we really had enough information to make any sort of judgments about that. We aren’t there, we don’t know the ex, and we don’t know the full history of the relationship.

  • Reply Thomas |

    This was my first post that I ever read from you. I just found the site but I am sorry to hear that you must leave the blog. If you feel this is best for you and your kids then do what must be done. I wish you the best.

  • Reply Katie -DC |

    Claire, I have read this blog for a long, long time and I am so sorry to see you go. I appreciate how you honestly shared the factors in your life that affected your finances. Divorce, exes, parenting, feeding your family, those are all tied to our finances and were relevant. You have really transformed major areas of your life since starting, and made incredibly difficult choices in order to get out of debt. A huge congrats to you for the progress you’ve already made, and I really hope you will post again in the future with an update. Best to you and your family.

  • Reply patti |

    Ugh, internet trolls can be so hurtful. I completely understand the issue with the swimsuit and what it represents. I love my husband dearly and am happily married but puh-lease……Mom is always responsbile for tying up the loose ends. I do this (even though sometimes it’s so irritating) because we are co-parenting. If we weren’t together anymore that little perk goes away. It’s not your job to parent the kids during his hours with them. No more than it is still his job to fix your gutters etc. BTW I really enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the rest of the race!

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