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New Numbers Are UP! And I hope you’re impressed…


I could not be more excited to share my new debt numbers!!!!  I set out to make February a turning point and I succeeded!  I paid the $3950 to the IRS AND nearly $4,000 to Bank of America!!! 

WOW!  WOW! WOW!  I was also able to pay a little extra (just to say I did) to the signature loan.  I set a little goal of putting the cash from my regular spending money that I did not use toward that note.  That’s a fun little debt reduction game I can play b/c it is very easy to transfer money anytime to that signature loan via my credit union’s website.  It made me make very different spending decisions all month long.

I hope you are as proud as I am!  I’m working out details on my March goals and hope to have incredible results to share on April 1!   I have to be realistic I know because the chance of burn out increases if I set the goals too lofty and I don’t want to fall off the wagon.


  • Reply JMK |

    Looks like Credit Card #11 isn’t long for this world! Great progress!

    How have you budgetted for the cost of your upcoming move?

  • Reply Desperately in Debt |

    Wow, Claire! That is absolutely awesome!! I know you made some serious headway with the craigslist sales last month and I bet with the new lower rent coming up you’ll really start picking up steam! Can’t wait to see how you do this month!

  • Reply Chris |

    I had to put on my reading glasses to make sure I was seeing the right numbers!

    WOW! Oh, Claire, what an inspiration you are!

    Keep up the intensity and keep kicking it to the curb!

    At the rate you are going, you are going to be a very wealthy woman!

  • Reply Phaedra |

    Claire….that is so cool! You are going to kill that Bank of America! They are going to be so sad when you break up with them!!!! I think these next few months are going to be huge for you. The rental savings alone is going to help so much! Congratulations!

  • Reply Janelle C. |

    Oh yeah I bet you can kiss BofA behind within the next 2 momths! Way to go!

  • Reply Hannah |

    Great job Claire, it’s like there’s a fire lit under your booty! You’re getting it done quick! 😉

    LOVE IT!

  • Reply OC Budget |


    Now you can concentrate on debt, which will be fast to go through at this rate, and building up the emergency fund.

    Here I was happy/proud that i was able to finally get $1,000 for my emergency fund. $4,000 is nothing to sneeze at! Great job

  • Reply debthaven |

    That’s absolutely AMAZING progress Claire!!! You have SO MUCH to be proud of!!!

    I too hope you have money for the upcoming move but I have great faith in you, so I’m guessing you do or will very soon.

  • Reply Alan |

    Wow Claire, this is amazing news. Congratulations and keep up the good work. My wife and I set up a paymen to clear our bank of america card that we normally pay in full each month. With Christmas and emergency airfare, it put us in a little bind. But we should be back to where we normally are with that card each month.

  • Reply Cathy C. |

    Wowza Claire!! That’s fantastic!

    We were able to slap $4500 on our truck loan this month and I was so proud of that, but now I’m thinking we didn’t scrimp and save enough!!

  • Reply scarr |

    Awesome job Claire, way to kick some debt butt! Your debt is literally shrinking before our eyes!

  • Reply Leslie |

    Claire, I’m more impressed with your resolve than I am the numbers. I know a lot of people that keep wallowing in their debt rather than taking steps (regardless of how small) to begin to lift the debt burden. I think I’ll go back a few posts to see where you were and where you are headed. Great work!

  • Reply Holly |

    Once again…totally impressed. You have so much to be proud of….and the lessons you are teaching your kids in this process are amazing too! At this rate, your debt will be gone in a year! WOW.
    Thanks for inspiring those of us on this journey!

  • Reply Cindy |

    Congratulations Claire! You are so close to finishing that BoA account 🙂

  • Reply Alice K |

    Wow, congratulations Claire! I have been struggling a bit mentally lately – very tempted to get a new credit card to make some purchases that probably aren’t an absolute necessity. This helps to keep me focused so thank you.

  • Reply Matt |

    I love seeing results like this posted by a blogger because of how inspirational it is. Knowing that others were in a similar situation to mine and got out is awesome. Keep it up!

  • Reply Olivia |

    Great job! I agree- set your debt goals reasonable so you don’t become overwhelmed and quit. Keep it up!

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