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Water Company’s “Change” Fee


I called the water company to change the account from Steve’s name to my name.  The customer service rep was so pleasant and it was all going smoothly until she tells me that there will be a $72 charge for a name change on the account.  I’m sure there are a whole host of reasons the water company people could come up with about the why behind that fee but, I’m sorry, I just wouldn’t accept the charge.  It’s dumb.  I spent entirely too much time and energy being passed from rep to rep and this is what they assume people won’t do—take the time to object.  I almost joined the masses and threw in the towel but I stuck with it until they acquiesced.  Give me a break.  I have a prior, recent excellent record with this water company that they can readily access so it isn’t as though I’m paying for any sort of risk I might be to them.  I think this was just one of those days that having to screw around with all of this stupid sh*t set me off.  I guess it was bound to happen and better with a complete stranger than taking it out on loved ones.  🙂

To address a couple of comments–yes, a divorce in Texas can happen pretty darn fast!  It just has to be on file for 60 days.  We don’t have “legal separations” here so this time period that we are currently in would be our version of a legal separation.  I also chuckled with the comment someone made about not having to pay a lawyer–yes, that is a HUGE benefit!  He filed the lawsuit pro se (acting as his own attorney) but I am glad that I simply know the ins and outs of the litigation process in this county.  Knowledge is power and knowing who to call, what to do and how to do it certainly reduces my stress level.

Now if only the $*!&^% water company hadn’t gotten in my way today, I think I would’ve continued on with my smooth sailing!  😉


  • Reply Jen from Boston |

    It’s like the stupid installation fee the phone company charges you to do nothing more than to flip a switch to activate your line. DUMB.

  • Reply Jean |

    I can understand that charge if you didn’t have an account history with them. I had to pay a deposit to the electric company when I got divorced b/c the account had been in his name. Good for you for sticking to your guns! And I’m sure that knowing the ins & outs of the legal system helps. Keep hanging in there – you’re doing great!

  • Reply OC budget living |

    I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Just hang in there. I didn’t realize that there’s a penalty fee for changing names.

    Just breathe. You sound like you’re taking care of everything right.

  • Reply Holly |

    I find that the more people I get passed around to on service calls, the less I end up paying in the end. Sticking to your guns pays off….especially when you stay calm and reasonable.

  • Reply margot |

    A $72 fee for changing a name in a computer???! That’s insane. Maybe you should file a class action lawsuit over that insanity!

  • Reply marieann |

    Well that’s too darn high for a fee! especially if you already have an account history you don’t even need to submit documents that your the tenant for that water services..they will just check your record..and that’s it.

  • Reply Sandra J |

    I hope you are okay, Claire. You haven’t posted for a while. I am dealing with some family problems now as well, and reading your thoughts is helpful, and not just the money part. Be well.

  • Reply Desperately in Debt |

    Bravo for sticking it out with the utility reps passing you around like that! It’s a pain in the rear but it goes to show that if you’re willing to go through the process of talking with every person in the company, eventually you’ll get what you want!

  • Reply marieann |

    So abusive..that’s not reasonable at all, you may still go through the whole process submit proper documents for referral and if possible talk to a representative maybe can help to wave the fee.

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