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Mid-Month Update


I can’t resist updating everyone that we’ve paid just shy of $3,000 to debt already this month.  I know that waiting for the drum roll number on the first of the month is part of the fun for some of you…but I just did the calculations and am really excited.  There will be more paid before month end so there will still be new info to share.

The real food, home cooking list for today is as follows:  french toast, quiche, jambalaya, cornbread, squash medley, a whole chicken in the slow cooker, potatoes. spinach salad and a delicious whole wheat chocolate bundt cake (and I am really glad I just shared that bc it helped me remember that I failed to cover the cake).  No real reason to share that except to see it all typed out.

My visit to my parents was absolutely entertaining.  My parents are really funny and I left there with my face literally hurting from laughing so hard.  It was just me visiting as my kiddos were with their Dad and Steve and the boys went to the driving range…and I must say I enjoyed the one-on-one time with my folks!  We had 4 hours of pure sitting and visiting with no interruptions.  My Dad and I discussed his decision to stay enlisted in the Air Force for over 23 years and how that retirement helps tremendously.  He has several friends that are trying to make it on Social Security alone and that’s nearly impossible.  He shared that at enlistment in his late teens, 20 years seemed FOREVER down the road.  It does for so many at that age and they don’t stay in for more than 3 or 4 years.  Then, before you know it, 20 years are GONE!  He didn’t have a father figure with his own father dying of appendicitis when my Dad was only 2–so he is thankful that he found his way to the Air Force and made it a career. Anyway, these moments are what life is made of!  Priceless. On a funny note, as I left my Mom warned “now don’t be telling stories about me on Spacebook!”  My 82-year-old Dad promptly corrected her and then we all laughed again!  What a gift it is to have my parents!  I do not take that for granted.

Here’s to a great week with more memory making moments…and maybe…just maybe…some news on the job front!  Yes, I still owe you an update on that…


  • Reply Cathy C. |

    That’s awesome progress Claire! Looking forward to the new numbers! Please thank your Dad for his service from your blog readers!!
    My husband recently retired from the Army and is on his second career in life. Money was always pretty tight while we were a military family so we are playing catch-up now with retirement funds, debt payoff etc, but that monthly pension makes all those years SO worth it! The skills and training he acquired in the Army enabled him to get a job when he retired that pays well over 6 figures and coupled with his pension and disability compensation, we are making up for lost time. Some of our disgruntled family members who didn’t take the military route are horrified and just a wee bit jealous of our financial situation now and like to imply that we didn’t earn it. To that I say those 20+ years were not a walk in the park and life is all about choices. I’m just thankful we made the right one!

    • Reply Claire |

      Thanks Cathy! My parents have also faced those same envious relatives. My parents lived a VERY frugal life while in the military and beyond. They had to be to then put 5 of us through college! On an enlisted man’s salary! Well, either frugal or bank robbers…one of the two!

  • Reply Isela |

    Well done! Now you are going to start taking speed in the debt reduction process, as more resources will be available to paid all other debts.

  • Reply adam |

    great progress! can’t wait to see what you’ve nuked with that kind of payment!

  • Reply emmi |

    No mom, I will not be telling any stories about you on spacebook. Please don’t ever worry that I will.

    [must be said with straight face]

  • Reply Shannon |

    Congratulations! I wish I were doing that well. It seems every time we make some headway, something else crops up – like a vacuum effect.

    • Reply Claire |

      Shannon–I know that all too well! Don’t get discouraged! Do all you can to avoid adding any new debt. You’ll get there!

  • Reply Ash |

    Thanks for the progress update and motivating for me to do likewise. I was wondering what is the easiest way to calculate how much debt I have paid off. Do you calculate it before or after interest is billed for the current month?

    • Reply Claire |

      Ash—I struggled with this too because I have SOOOO many cards to track. I decided the only sane way for me to do it is to post numbers on the last day of each month. I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out all of the many, many different dates that interest hit and realized that was not something that should be taking that much time! Good luck to you in finding what works for you!

  • Reply Dream Mom |

    Good for you for making such wonderful progress on the debt! Can’t wait to see the new numbers! The real food transition sounds like it’s going well too; we eat real food all the time and I can’t imagine going back. It just tastes so much better. Are you the kids enjoying the taste of the “real food”?

    • Reply Claire |

      My stepson is doing awesome and is on board. My two are annoyingly picky. That Real Food blog has some great tips on getting picky eaters to eat real food but I need to work on my patience in that department! I only have myself to blame for their eating habits.

  • Reply Andy V |

    I believe Beks was a memeber of EZ Meals. I was about to cancel my subscription when they added a new menu plan for “Clean Eating”. The meals are all fresh ingredients and nothing procssed or boxed. The best part is that I can actually make the recipies, and most of them are pretty tasty! Might give you some new ideas – although you sound like a pretty seasoned chef 🙂

    Also, I made the refried beans recipe you posted a few days ago and it came out great! (and is so healthy – bonus!) Now I am wondering if I can make it with black beans as well???

  • Reply Sarah |

    That is awesome Clair. I like to celebrate the number milestones with debt reduction to keep me motivated. So it looks like you will be out of the 90’s soon–So great!!!

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