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First Communion Blessings


SUPER busy weekend and then the week hasn’t let up–so pardon my brief absence!  I was so excited and proud about the planning I did for our daughter’s First Communion and things only got better!  As I shared, we had made the reservation and had the budget under control.  On Saturday when all 14 of us arrived at the restaurant, there was a mishap of some sort.  They were aware of our reservation but did not have a table ready.  It seems that someone broke up the large table arranged for us into 4 smaller tables and those 4 small groups of people were still dining when we arrived.  This is a family owned local restaurant that we really like so even as we had to wait I couldn’t really be angry at them.  As hunger REALLY set in and I was dealing with a tired 7-year-old and my poor diabetic 82-year-old Dad…I started to move toward anger.  It was over an hour before the large table could be reassembled and as soon as we all sat down and a waitress was passing out water glasses…she spilled one down the back of our poor First Communion Kid!  🙁  The back of her pretty dress was all wet and the pretty curls we did went flat.  She had an ice cube in her dress and made me so proud by holding it together when I knew an all out fit was just milliseconds away!  The waitress was also near tears and my sister made a well timed joke saying that now this was a First Communion celebration…AND a baptism of sorts.  We moved along and enjoyed the rest of our meal.  As two bottles of wine arrived at the table and then a spread of delicious desserts I kept eyeing my ex-husband to see if he was adding things to the bill!  I was getting nervous thinking the budget was being blown just about the time I got my half of the bill.  Dinner for 14 with wine AND dessert?  WITH the tip came to $196.00!!  OR $98.00 each!  I still can’t believe it!  The restaurant didn’t charge us for the wine or the desserts!

Our daughter received several gifts and a total of $40 cash.  I haven’t yet but will work with her on splitting that up b/w giving, spending and saving.  I sometimes forget to do that with her b/c she is young and that is dumb—she’s at a great age to learn skills about money.

We are trucking along on the savings and paying debt.  I’m excited to share new numbers on May 1.



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  • Reply kim |

    Wow. And great planning! Funny how when we expect the worst as you were mentally calculating the bill. Did the restaurant take off some items for the long wait and ice water spill?

    • Reply Claire |

      Oops! I didn’t make that clear! Yes, they did not charge for the extras and even took another $30 off “just because” they felt terrible about the mishap. I was very thankful and told them so!

  • Reply Monica |

    I was wondering if you would share the restaurant name because we live in San Antonio and always looking for a good place to eat.

  • Reply Chantal |

    Both you and the restaurant come through at the end with flying colors! Your daughter will have a funny story to tell, as well as the religious ceremony to remember, as she grows older.

  • Reply Sarah |

    As with any religious ceremony, it is almost inevitable to spend money in order to celebrate it. Good thing you didn’t panic and kept a straight thinking until the end. Great job!

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