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Bills, Bills, Bills


Boy oh boy. October is turning out to be a tough month financially… and we aren’t even home for half of it!!

First we had the security problem, now we have more legal fees.

My husband is being called in for another deposition on the three year old lawsuit against us.

Short synopsis: Someone injured themselves on city property in front of our home and we’ve been fighting the legal battle ever since. Gotta love California.

Our share of the expense is $125.

Not bad in the scheme of legal fees, but painful on personal finances. I can understand why people settle lawsuits when the fault is not theirs. After a while, you grow to a level of weary you can’t even explain.


  • Reply DH |

    That’s terrible 🙁 I do hope you win the lawsuit. And I also hope that you win it soon, so that you can be done and away with all the expenses associated with it. Here’s wishing you the best of luck! : )

  • Reply Prince of Thrit |

    Kansas is the same way. You have to maintain the sidewalk (and it falls under your property insurance) even though the city claims it is theirs. However, if you don’t shovel the snow, keep it in good repair and other basic maintenance issues, they will fine you.

    If someone gets injured in front of your house it is your and your insurance companies responsibility. I assume Texas and most states are the same. I think Kansas (and California in your case) is wrong. If it is their “easement” their property, then they should be mowing the easement, repairing the sidewalk and shoveling that snow. Not expecting the adjacent homeowners and residents to do it for them.

So, what do you think ?