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The legal battle ends…


Our attorney called today to inform me that the lawsuit against us settled. The plaintiff accepted our offer – the same offer that has been on the table for the last eight months. I’m frustrated we paid for depositions and court reporters for months that were completely unnecessary.

I don’t want to share details of the case until we receive the final paperwork but I’m struggling with the fact we paid anything at all to the plaintiff.

At least it’s over and I can finally scratch out ‘legal fees’ from our budget. But then again, this IS California. The chances of us getting sued again are pretty high.

Maybe I should move to Texas.

Legal Issues…On and On and On


We scheduled a deposition.


We reschedule the deposition.

Cancelled again.

We reschedule the rescheduled deposition.


We reschedule the rescheduled rescheduled deposition.

Cancelled. Cancelled. Cancelled. And, cancelled an hour before.

Yup. We’re STILL fighting our legal battle. Because we’re still in litigation, I can’t say much other than, mediation this week did not go well… at all. The plaintiff walked out at our offer.

Looks like this is going to turn into a jury trial.

Looks like our attorney’s fees are going to continue going cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.

They say California is a ‘sue happy’ state. People sue for just about anything and yes, it’s 100% true. As eternal defendant, I can tell you, this is getting very old… and VERY expensive.

More and More Legal Expenses…


I hate to update about this but, since someone is trying to squeeze $300K from us, our legal battle has a large impact on our finances.

For more information on the legal battle, see HERE.

We received our schedule for the court ordered mediation yesterday. We’ll be meeting with the plaintiff in February. We aren’t required to attend, but our attorney must represent us which means expensive 6 minute increments of billable hours every time he even thinks about our case. I’m hoping this mediation will settle it but we aren’t willing to budge on our miniscule several thousand dollar offer. I’d like to offer a big fat zero, but our attorney strongly suggested we come to the table with something.

To me, offering anything suggests guilt.

To him, offering something is ‘neighborly’.

I thought about asking him how ‘neighborly’ a three year lawsuit was but, for once, my better judgment was louder than my mouth.

If the mediation fails, and I’m guessing it will, our trial is set for June.

Three and a half years is WAY too long to be dragged in a legal mess. I am so very tired.

Bills, Bills, Bills


Boy oh boy. October is turning out to be a tough month financially… and we aren’t even home for half of it!!

First we had the security problem, now we have more legal fees.

My husband is being called in for another deposition on the three year old lawsuit against us.

Short synopsis: Someone injured themselves on city property in front of our home and we’ve been fighting the legal battle ever since. Gotta love California.

Our share of the expense is $125.

Not bad in the scheme of legal fees, but painful on personal finances. I can understand why people settle lawsuits when the fault is not theirs. After a while, you grow to a level of weary you can’t even explain.

Diving into our Emergency Fund…Again


We received an interesting letter from our insurance company. They ‘asked’ us to install safety flood lighting in front of our home due to the continuation of the seemingly never-ending legal battle we’re in. If changes are not made by the date listed, we would be dropped.

Murphy’s Law has moved in to our home.

Let’s see, the incident happened nearly three years ago, didn’t happen on my property, and wouldn’t have been prevented by flood lights but…

Sure. Now seems like a great time to demand a change (To be fair, there are 5 watt nightlights brighter than our porch lamp so I can’t exactly fault them for saying we are inadequately lit).

My husband knew how to run the wire and install the fixtures but the $300 price tag for materials pushed us over the edge. We had to…

Dive into our emergency fund.

The whole weekend, as my husband made repeated trips to Lowes, I tried to figure out how we could possibly pay for it without dipping into our emergency cash.

When the job was done, my husband suggested we recycle the stack of cans he had been saving and I thought, ‘Sure. $5 of recycling is going to save us’ but went along anyway to help him sort the bottles and cans.

30 minutes of sorting in 95 degree heat really helped my attitude problem.

How much did we net at the recycling place? $477.85.

How? My husband took the $27.85 earned from recycling and, since neither of us had our wallets, lifted the lid to put it in his truck center console and found a $450 check payment from a side job he was paid for a month and a half ago and forgot about. (Yes, that was a long run-on sentence)

If I wasn’t so happy about putting it back into our emergency fund, I probably would have smacked him for forgetting about it in the first place.

Emergency floodlights and part of the vet bills… covered. Whew!

The Legal Battle Erupts… Again


As I stated in an earlier post, I endured a 2 year legal battle before the lawsuit was dropped in January. I was excited but wouldn’t feel truly free until the statute of limitations expired mid-way through this month.

On Sunday, I was served with legal papers. The plaintiff has re-opened the lawsuit, added my husband as a co-defendant (even though my husband has no legal ownership in our home), and is asking for more money than ever.

To me, it’s a fairly cut and dry frivolous lawsuit and I will gladly share the details once it’s over (if it ever ends) but I live in the lawsuit friendly state of California and I don’t have faith in our judicial system to protect me.

We’re going to bump up our emergency fund in preparation for legal fees. I’m not sure how far the plaintiff will go, but we’re preparing for the worst.