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Legal Issues…On and On and On


We scheduled a deposition.


We reschedule the deposition.

Cancelled again.

We reschedule the rescheduled deposition.


We reschedule the rescheduled rescheduled deposition.

Cancelled. Cancelled. Cancelled. And, cancelled an hour before.

Yup. We’re STILL fighting our legal battle. Because we’re still in litigation, I can’t say much other than, mediation this week did not go well… at all. The plaintiff walked out at our offer.

Looks like this is going to turn into a jury trial.

Looks like our attorney’s fees are going to continue going cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.

They say California is a ‘sue happy’ state. People sue for just about anything and yes, it’s 100% true. As eternal defendant, I can tell you, this is getting very old… and VERY expensive.

More and More Legal Expenses…


I hate to update about this but, since someone is trying to squeeze $300K from us, our legal battle has a large impact on our finances.

For more information on the legal battle, see HERE.

We received our schedule for the court ordered mediation yesterday. We’ll be meeting with the plaintiff in February. We aren’t required to attend, but our attorney must represent us which means expensive 6 minute increments of billable hours every time he even thinks about our case. I’m hoping this mediation will settle it but we aren’t willing to budge on our miniscule several thousand dollar offer. I’d like to offer a big fat zero, but our attorney strongly suggested we come to the table with something.

To me, offering anything suggests guilt.

To him, offering something is ‘neighborly’.

I thought about asking him how ‘neighborly’ a three year lawsuit was but, for once, my better judgment was louder than my mouth.

If the mediation fails, and I’m guessing it will, our trial is set for June.

Three and a half years is WAY too long to be dragged in a legal mess. I am so very tired.