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Time to Purchase Tax Software at Sale Price…


For those of you who are using TurboTax software this year… the sale prices have begun.

Amazon.com has reduced their price by 25% (to 44.99)
Costco has a $10 off coupon until Jan. 24th (to $39.99)

If you find a better deal (on any software), share! I think we could all use a break this year.


  • Reply Maggie |

    Right now, it is looking like this is the first year that it might make sense to use the CD sent to me by H&R Block (Formerly Tax Cut).

    They want $34.99 for the Deluxe version (no State because I telefile in my state). I have always gotten it cheaper than the cost of the Cd that arrived in my mailbox.

  • Reply Joanna |

    I always use Tax Act online. It’s cheaper than any other tax software that I’ve found anywhere else. If you do just the 1040EZ, it’s free. I do some freelance work on the side, so Tax Act helps me fill out the necessary paperwork. And it only costs me $10 – but only because I print out my forms and mail them in. And since I live in Texas, I don’t have to worry about state taxes.

  • Reply Ema |

    If you have a Vanguard account, they are offering 25% off if you link to Turbotax from Vanguard. I don’t see an expiration date. For Turbotax Deluxe, the online version is $22.45, download version is $44.96.

  • Reply Michelle |

    I have found the site TaxAct.com to be excellent for preparing taxes…it’s just like the software…asks the same questions, etc…only it’s free. I have used it for 6 years now…you have a secure id and password and it retains previous year information for things like your dependents, employer basic info, etc.

  • Reply Kim |

    Dollar Tree usually sells Tax Cut Basic for a buck. I called a store last week and he said they havent gotten them in “yet” but are expecting them soon.

  • Reply Jackie |

    Depending on how much you make per year (the cutoff is $57,000) you can go to the IRS website and choose from a bunch of free tax preparation sites. I use TaxFreeUSA.com. The federal return is free; the state return is $9.95. And it’s just as easy (or easier) to use as TurboTax and the like.

  • Reply Caitlin |

    Thanks for the reminder!
    I use QuickTax (Intuit) and I think this year I’m going to try their online editions! The Unincorporated Business edition is $69.99 for the online version, but $99 for the box version.

  • Reply T'Pol |


  • Reply AP |

    There’s also a non-profit group http://www.icanefile.org/ offering online filing for free. Security seems to be an issue after reading reviews, but who knows.

  • Reply Helen C. |

    As previously mentioned, there are plenty of free federal filing sites (I use TaxAct to prepare and file free and double check my work with Turbotax online, although I don’t file with them). But most will charge for state filing.

    However, most California residents will be able to file their state tax return for free with CalFile offered by the CA Franchise Tax Board (http://www.ftb.ca.gov/online/calFile/index.asp). I similarly use TaxAct and TurboTax to prepare and check my work, then I file with CalFile for free. I think I may have had to mail in a confirmation the very first time, but after that, no mail in paperwork required. Can’t beat that!!


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