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Unnecessary Spending…


OK. Truth? We spent money we didn’t need to spend.

We are borrowing a nice still camera for the Italy trip but we don’t have a video camera.

I find it funny that, as a person with a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Production, I don’t own a video camera. I used to own one while in college but since I graduated college nearly a decade ago (scary to say), the nice video camera I owned at the time has long since died.

My husband has been working side jobs every night and weekend and agreed to set aside a small portion of the money for an inexpensive video camera. So, $129 later on Amazon, we purchased a flip camcorder for our trip…

Ordering it online felt like having a nice piece of cake after a long diet.

The Millionaire Mind…


I read the follow-up book to Thomas Stanley’s, The Millionaire Next Door, over the long weekend.

The Millionaire Mind is nearly 150 pages longer and, no offense to Dr. Stanley but, it feels 150 pages longer. It’s no surprise that the reviews of this book on Amazon are significantly lower than its predecessor.

The book expands on information shared in The Millionaire Next Door, and at times, repeats it exactly. It’s as if Dr. Stanley experienced a high amount of success with The Millionaire Next Door and simply regurgitated a good portion of information in an effort to produce another bestseller.

This book was also seemed to be targeted to a specific group of people. People who already have money. As a broke person, I don’t consider buying homes or cars for my children as gifts – I’m working hard just to pay my own debts – and I simply don’t care about the best way to purchase gifts.

The book is worth skimming but as for an in depth read? Probably not.