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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! Here’s a (dark) pic of the girls from over the weekend at a trunk-or-treat:

The kids will be sure to have a fun day at school today – its dress-up day so they get to wear their costumes. We bought them from Costco for I think $16 each. Pretty decent considering how many accessories they come with. I love Costco!

They have a little costume parade in the morning at school that I’m going to attend, and then they’ll have parties in both classes. This evening, we’ll do a little trick-or-treating around our new neighborhood and call it a night early. With Halloween being mid-week, they really did the majority of their celebrating this past weekend (we had their school Fall Festival on Friday, and TWO trunk-or-treats: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. ALL of these events were 100% free admission. I did buy $10 worth of tickets at the Fall Festival so the girls could play carnival games, but that was the only money spent!). I’m most looking forward to the fact that there’s NO HOMEWORK tonight in light of the holiday (I have to lol over the other parents’ comments on this post where I mentioned the volume of homework my first-graders have!! I’m glad other parents agree the homework is a bit much!).

Also…have I mentioned I’m doing another Ragnar race? I did one last year and can’t recall whether I’ve specifically written about it this year or not. I’ve been training for the past 3 months and the race is finally this week (Friday-Saturday). Wish me luck, as I feel pretty under-prepared. I’m a good 10 lbs. heavier than I was for last year’s race (separation-related stress-eating?? I really need to get this in check), plus I was knocked out for a solid week in the intense part of training due to kidney stones. I’ll finish, but it ain’t gonna be fast and it ain’t gonna be pretty. For those curious, Ragnar is a running relay race done with a team. We will each run 15 miles (split into 3 segments) over the course of a 24-hour period. Send all your good luck/racing vibes my way!

For those who celebrate, have a Happy Halloween!


Cash Envelope System


As you all know by now, one area where our spending has gotten out-of-control is in the realm of food (groceries and eating out). To try to combat the ever-increasing line item in our monthly budget, I decided to return to the cash envelope system. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve done cash envelopes. But they helped me once, I know they can help me again.

To start, I’m using envelopes for eating out ($200/month) and groceries ($600/month). This represents a HUGE decrease compared to what we have been spending the past few months. Our groceries, for instance, have trended over $1,000/month the past several months. And our eating out/restaurant budget has trended in the $350-$500ish range. Just a disgusting amount of money spent on FOOD!

Reducing down to $800/month for all food (restaurants + eating out) is a big savings for us!

Here’s how I’ve figured it:

$600month/4 weeks = $150/week. Because I want to save a little money for mid-week perishables (we always run out of milk and fresh produce), my goal is to stick to $110-120ish for my big/initial grocery trip. That saves about $30ish for a smaller mid-week grocery run (and/or leaves some wiggle room for the last half week of the month).

I’ve been doing the cash envelope system for a month now (I started at the beginning of September) and so far, so good. My only “wrench” this month is that I really need to hit Costco to stock up on some bulk items. Does anyone else find it impossible to get out of Costco for under $100?!



Because of our need for some bulk items, I’m actually going to try to limit our grocery store budget to closer to $100-110/week so I can save the excess for two weeks to have a solid $80-ish bucks or so for a Costco trip. This way, I’ll be able to get my bulk stuff but still be sticking to our overall grocery budget!

Do you have a Costco (or Sam’s Club) membership? How do you manage to save while buying in bulk?