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Turning to Reality TV for Help…


I’ve been trying to figure out creative ways to remodel our home for low to no cost. As I watched HGTV this weekend, I thought, ‘I’ll have reality television remodel my home!’

I assumed this wouldn’t be a difficult task. It’s not like there’s a strong filter for reality tv. Come on. I’ve seen Jerry Springer and Tila Tequila.

California’s official nickname is ‘The Golden State’
San Diego calls itself ‘America’s Finest City’
Humility isn’t our strong point.

It only seems obvious that we would point a camera of reality tv at our Southern California city. I went to the HGTV site, Pie Town Productions, and the DIY network. Do you know how many home remodeling shows are based in ‘America’s Finest City’?


But, there are two shows that film anywhere, anytime – Extreme Home Makeover and Deserving Design. For Extreme Home Makeover, we lack a compelling unique story. ‘My husband lost his job… just like everyone else’ isn’t nearly as impressive or distinctive as ‘Timmy is allergic to the sun’ or ‘Little Bonnie Sue doesn’t have sweat glands’.

And remarkably, Deserving Design didn’t call me back after I submitted my husband as ‘deserving’ because only once during the last five years of our marriage has he left the toilet seat up. It’s sweet but not as gripping as Jane Doe saving the world over the last 20 years rescuing one sweatshop child at a time.

Bummer. I really needed a new back patio before the toothpicks, dental floss, and tin foil holding it together collapse.


  • Reply Nicole |

    Darn! Hey, at least you tried : ) Think of it this way, your life’s not bad enough to be on a reality tv show. That’s good news!

  • Reply Mysti |

    I looked at that years ago….back when Extreme Makeover wasn’t as EXTREME. Back when they tried to save parts of the house.

    I giggle now. Those people who got the first houses are probably mad now. Hey, if we just got a little more destitute/pathetic/heart-warming…we could have gotten an even BETTER house!

    If you figure out a way to angle this….let us know!

  • Reply Ryan |

    I remember seeing a “Behind the Scenes” on Extreme Home Makeover a few years back, and they said that they received something like 1000 applications every single day. Without a REALLY, REALLY good story, there’s no chance of getting picked, but I’m with Nicole – I don’t think I’d ever want a story bad enough to get me on one of these shows!

So, what do you think ?