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Good News on the Legal Front…


I’m still sick but I got some good news today – news my poor husband had to read to me since I’m sitting in bed with an ice pack on my flaming hot head.

As I’ve said earlier, my husband and I are involved in litigation. Someone has been suing us over an incident that didn’t involve us and didn’t occur on our property. After two YEARS of legal paperwork including nightmare depositions asking insanely personal questions, our attorney finally believes what we’ve been saying all along – we don’t own the property.

We had to hire two experts to support our claim. Sure it seems simple but this is California – aka lawsuit country – and frivolous lawsuits are common. Even my parents have been sued before!

Obviously I can’t elaborate since the case is still pending but it’s a big deal to finally have someone – ANYONE – certify what we’ve been saying.

The trial is still set for Christmas but I’m hoping the new facts will cause the judge to throw the whole lawsuit out.

Ugh. Maybe I can finally cross out the ‘lawsuit’ line item in our budget.


  • Reply John DeFlumeri Jr |

    Some states have made legislation that reduces and condems frivolous lawsuits. Hope California does it too. Giid luck and I hope you can recover costs you incurred during that horrible mess.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  • Reply emmi |

    Wow. What a drag. Psychically and otherwise. Hope things get resolved soon. This is why we have 2 mil of personal liability coverage. It’s actually not very expensive, but it puts the insurance company’s lawyers on your side, just for starters. We’ve got ours along with our house insurance.

  • Reply David@DINKS Finance |

    Consider counter-suing for the frivolous lawsuit. I’m half-kidding, but I know people who will go after others who sue them for pointless reasons or, as in your case, when you are not even involved.

    I hope that this lawsuit gets over fast and you can move on to better things.

  • Reply Shakela |

    No kidding, I hope not only does the judge throw it out if it really is frivolous but that the other party has to pay for your legal costs and maybe for the time you’ve had to spend. 🙁 I’m sorry.

  • Reply marci |

    As much as I bet the lawsuit is a pain, I’m sure it’s nice to have someone who is really on your side. Like everyone else, I hope this lawsuit ends soon and you can recover your losses. Good luck!

  • Reply Beks |

    My parents were able to recover some of their legal fees in the lawsuit against them but it still leaves you with a missing chunk of your life you will never get back. I hate that.

    It’s nice to feel this two year strain starting to lift.

  • Reply Darren |

    Best advice – is research as much as possible – your lawyer will take care of most of it . but it cant hurt to add exp with like cases

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