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Faking It Financially…


I’m not the kind of girl that melts over fancy jewelry. Sure, I love my grandmother’s diamonds and my mother’s garnets, but that has nothing to do with the stones and everything to do with the fact that I love my grandmother and my mother and the jewelry reminds me of them. Even when I wasn’t dedicated to digging out of debt, I didn’t buy expensive jewelry.

Diamonds are the one thing you can fake. I can’t fake a house or a car, but I sure can wear a cubic zirconia ring that looks an awful lot like the real thing – and I do.

Of course, there is a problem…

The town near ours holds a street fair every Christmas. At this fair, one of the antiques dealers sells replica antique rings for $29. Over the years, I’ve acquired two rings from his booth. Without fail, whenever I wear the rings, someone compliments them and asks two questions…

1: Is it an antique?
2: Is it real?

Obviously, saying, ‘Nah, it’s a cheap knock-off I bought from a street gypsy who sold it to me in a tasteful paper sack held together by scotch tape’ isn’t the answer I want to give.

It’s bad enough I air my financial dirty laundry here, do I have to air the fact that I wear cheap knockoff jewelry to all who ask?

I know some of you are just as thrifty when it comes to jewelry and have stumbled across the same dilemma. What’s your best response?

Catch Up…


I wrote some short posts over the last few months and even though they aren’t debt related (well, most of them anyway), I thought I’d share. No, this won’t become a baby blog. But be generous. Give me today and I promise I’ll shut up about it. If anything, I hope you can smile at my misery.

November 10th:

There was an extra pink line on a pregnancy test this morning.

I woke up my husband who said, ‘I don’t think that’s a positive’ and goes back to sleep.

November 14th:

Tried again. Definitely positive.

Took a photo with my cell phone and texted it to my husband saying, ‘HA! I told you so!’

Not exactly the romantic moment I anticipated.

November 25th:

Today is the first day morning sickness hit… and when I say ‘hit’, I mean ‘knocked me off my feet, can’t even think of food anytime this century’. Leave it to my kid to announce itself on Thanksgiving.

My husband, who heard that lack of morning sickness could mean a miscarriage in the future, said, ‘I’m so glad you’re sick.’

I didn’t hit him… but that was only because I lying on the floor with a cold towel across my forehead and couldn’t reach.

December 7th:

At 2:00 a.m., I have an argument with the baby. I demand not to be sick between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

The baby thinks that’s hilarious.

I wake up my husband. If I’m miserable, he’s going to be miserable.

December 20th:

Dropped off a pair of pants to be shortened at the alterations place. The cashier told me they would be ready next week. ‘But they won’t FIT next week!’ I whined. She looked at me confused. ‘Uh. Christmas weight.’ I muttered, apologized, and walked out.

December 24th:

Tell my husband’s family about the baby. There is a solid 3 minutes of shocked silence.

December 25th:

Tell my family about the baby. No one believes me.

I’m starting to see a theme here.

My mother asks how Chris reacted when he found out. I made up a story about how we both cried for joy and embraced. Heaven forbid she finds out it was via text in an ‘I told you so’ message.

January 6th:

Still in salary negotiations for the new position at work. I don’t want to come to the table with a ‘handicap’ so I don’t mention the whole ‘baby’ thing. At three months, I’m not showing at all. I’m crossing my fingers that my ab muscles will hold tight at least 3 more weeks…maybe 5.

Feb. 1st:

The promotion is in the bag so I can finally share the news!!