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Layoffs again?!?!


As the fiscal year closes for government agencies, it’s time to prepare for the new. If the budget is higher, it means raises. Lower… well, we all know what lower means.

Our agency is short around 20 million dollars (which suddenly makes my $30K debt look like chump change). Remarkably, we are fairing much better than most agencies – or so they tell us.

Today was difficult. I watched as co-worker after co-worker was escorted into an office… and then escorted out of the building. I joked with my manager that I was considering hiding under my desk. You can’t get laid off if they can’t find you right? Then…

They came for me.

The CFO sat me down and said, ‘Let’s talk about your job.’

Tears started to spring. I’ve only been employed for a few months and I’m going to be jobless again?!?

He continued, ‘I heard from your manager that you were frightened about job security? You have no reason to worry. Your department is short three people and we simply aren’t going to hire those positions. Sure you have to do the work of those three people, but at least you have a job… err… well, at least this fiscal year anyway.’

I’ve been told to quit my job and to pursue a more stable position. In this economy, a guaranteed year of work IS stable. Hurray for 2010!!!



  • Reply brooklynchick |

    WHEW! So relieved for you. I cannot imagine the stress of watching co-workers losing their jobs. I am sending you good vibes…

  • Reply Jen |

    Wow – What a stressful start to your meeting!! I’m glad it had a good ending, though.

  • Reply Another Reader |

    I’m surprised that this would happen in a government agency. Most local and state governments have open budgets and union represented employees. Layoffs are known well in advance and the seniority system means everyone knows who will be laid off. If someone eligible for your job classification was scheduled for layoff, in many agencies they could “bump” you out of your job.

    Furthermore, I have never seen anyone taken into an office to be told they were being laid off and then escorted out the door. People work until the day before the layoff, and have a going away lunch!

    Is your employer a local, state or federal agency? Or, is it a private entity that is directly funded by a government entity? Your experience seems unusual and it would make more sense if you were not working directly for the government entity.

  • Reply Jana Johnson |

    I would have fainted on the spot! i have about 4 years to payoff debt and a layoff is not in the plan. I’m happy you have a job for this fiscal year!

  • Reply Merry |

    The first layoff I went through, they let go over half the company. Everyone was escorted into an office, told their status, and then sent back out. The company had been bought and was being dismantled, so those of us who were laid off immediately were given two weeks’ notice. We could work those two weeks, stay at home, or come in and surf the internet for jobs. (Yes, I am serious.)

    On the other hand, the software company I currently work for is being sold by our parent company. (Parent company is in debt to the tune of 3 billion.) If we get sold to a competitor, it’s going to be a re-enactment of the first layoff without all the lovely severance pay.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re safe for another year!

  • Reply Neil |


    Glad to hear that you’re job is stable. Unfortunately I think mine might be heading to India shortly!


  • Reply mom |

    Don’t you worry dear….. they know a good thing when they’ve got it. I don’t know of anyone who works as hard as you do…. well except for your dad… it’s in the genes. You work like a slave…hmmmm… if they keep you thinking that your job is shaky, you’ll keep working as hard as you are now . (And I thought those working in those high positions were…. shall I say it… idiots.)

    Love you girl, mom

  • Reply dawn |

    it was nice of him to tell you your job was safe so no more needless worrying. Most places i’ve worked it’s been the norm to have you leave immediately, so as to avoid sabotage by disgruntled employees.

  • Reply Beks |

    brooklyn chick – thanks for the vibes!

    Another Reader – I’m not sure what government agency have experience in, but that’s not how it works here. Plus, I’m a management employee, we are not union represented. I’ve never heard of anyone having a going away lunch after a layoff.

    Jana – I feel ya!

    Merry – Love the way you spell your name. An old college roommate of mine spelled hers the same way. Good memories with her! Good luck with the job!

    Neil – I hope that’s a good thing! Maybe it will be better there.

    Mom – It’s definately the genes.

    Dawn – I appreciated the talk. It helped calm me a bit.

  • Reply Nicole |

    Dodged the bullet again, way to go! Tough times are everywhere so it’s nice to hear you have a safe job for now:)

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