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Layoffs again?!?!


As the fiscal year closes for government agencies, it’s time to prepare for the new. If the budget is higher, it means raises. Lower… well, we all know what lower means.

Our agency is short around 20 million dollars (which suddenly makes my $30K debt look like chump change). Remarkably, we are fairing much better than most agencies – or so they tell us.

Today was difficult. I watched as co-worker after co-worker was escorted into an office… and then escorted out of the building. I joked with my manager that I was considering hiding under my desk. You can’t get laid off if they can’t find you right? Then…

They came for me.

The CFO sat me down and said, ‘Let’s talk about your job.’

Tears started to spring. I’ve only been employed for a few months and I’m going to be jobless again?!?

He continued, ‘I heard from your manager that you were frightened about job security? You have no reason to worry. Your department is short three people and we simply aren’t going to hire those positions. Sure you have to do the work of those three people, but at least you have a job… err… well, at least this fiscal year anyway.’

I’ve been told to quit my job and to pursue a more stable position. In this economy, a guaranteed year of work IS stable. Hurray for 2010!!!