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I sold my body to science for $250.


I always laugh when I hear about folks who participate in tests for pharmaceutical companies. It seems like a horrible idea to take drugs that haven’t been tested. I mean really, who does that?!?

*Meekly raise my hand*

Apparently there is a black market for pregnant lady blood and I decided to cash in.

My co-worker participated in a study on pregnant women dedicated to preventing the need for dangerous amniocentesis testing. No drugs are required, only blood donations from pregnant women.

The value of a tiny tube of my blood? $250.

I was reluctant to donate blood at first, regardless of how little was required, but gave in as soon as I visited the medical facility. It was cleaner than my doctor’s office!

Test subjects can donate up to 6 times over the course of 20 weeks, but I’m too far in my pregnancy and could only donate once.

I’m a bit jealous of my co-worker who is on her third donation and has fully furnished her baby’s room on pharmaceutical company checks but hey, I’m extremely grateful for my $250.

Yes, my doctor approved the donation. Yes, it was safe and sanitary. Yes, the check cleared.

And one day, I hope amniocentesis testing will be a thing of the past.

The Fat Person in the Mirror…


There is a woman at work who always says, ‘You and I are the same size so…’ and somehow relates it to something we are talking about. Every time she says this, I get annoyed. We are not the same size. She’s four inches shorter and 15 pounds heavier.

There is another woman at work who I believed was my size. The woman was making a comment about how small my baby bump was and mentioned she was much larger when she was pregnant. A co-worker overheard us talking and remarked, ‘Yeah, but you’re so thin, a grape would make you look pregnant! What do you weigh? 100 pounds soaking wet?’

The woman replied, ‘Well, I try to keep it above 105 but it’s a struggle.’

Whoa. Hold up. 105?!?!

I haven’t seen 105 on the scale since… since… well… I saw it when I flew past it morning. Let’s just say it hasn’t actually stopped at 105 in a long time.

I’m not going to say I’m hugely fat, or even overweight, but apparently I missed the fact that over the years, I’ve softened a bit. Perhaps… I’m closer to the weight of the other co-worker than I thought. It’s happened so slowly, I didn’t see it. It sorta snuck up over the last ten years and I somehow missed it until I realized I don’t look like the woman who weighs 105.

My finances did the same thing. I got lazy, spent more than I made, and debt built up.

We forget that debt, like fat, doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the extra cookies and the must have sweaters. Think buying that $20 item you can’t live without doesn’t make a difference? The daily soda is OK?

It’s the little things that add up.


Guess I’ll have to start saying no a little more to the Oreos and ‘must have’ sweaters.