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Debt Update


I’ll try to do a debt update around the first of each month. Here is my debt update for June:

Starting Debt: $38, 495.86
New Debt Number: $27,814.62

Total Paid Since October 2008: $10,681.24

Woo Hoo! We’re over $10K

We were hoping to get ahead of schedule and have our credit card debt paid by July but it’s looking like August or September (still ahead, just not as much as we wanted to be) thanks to the California DMV fees and the higher taxes.


  • Reply Qcash |

    Hey Beks

    Are you going to give us a breakdown of your debts, like Tricia did?

    Just being nosey 🙂


  • Reply Jim ~ mydebtblog.com |

    10k paid off is a big deal. I’m curious about what the sources of the debt are too. Right now I’m just focused on paying off credit cards while still paying student loans. We have over six figures in student loan debt so it’s going to be a project.

  • Reply A |

    yes, do a breakdown! i’m curious as to what other kind of debt you having besides CC

  • Reply Kevin |

    I can’t wait until I’ve got $10k down on my debt. I reset all the counters on January 1st though. So right now it is a little under $4k. I probably won’t reset it next January but this seemed like a good spot to really refocus and clarify the goals. I was working on it before but not “officially” like I am now.

    $10k paid down seems like so much. And my remaining amount it still way more than the original amount listed above.

  • Reply djc |

    Can you use the sidebar area like Trish did? It seems a bit strange to read your getting out of debt story when the sidebar says ‘All Paid off’, though old time readers of the blog know what is going on.

  • Reply nancy |

    Hi Beks,

    I have a sincere question; how do you keep a running total of your cc balances? Thanks!

  • Reply Beks |

    I’m looking to get the sidebar updated – I just can’t quite figure out how yet. And yes, I’ll give you a breakdown of my debt.

  • Reply Fred |

    Congrats on your goal so far. I know you are on the right path to becoming debt free

  • Reply rina |


    I read some of your post about your debt.good job on your progress. I also have credit card debt too and what I do now is taking a loan bank where the interest is much lower and have the full settlement with the credit cards bills. At least it can reduce my monthly payment..

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