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A Big Debt Update…


Before I spill the new numbers, let me just say…

I did a handstand before posting.

My foot is still sidelined from the tendon injury so doing a series of leprechaun kicks was out of the question…

that’s not to say I didn’t try.

I’ve been working nights and, I still can’t figure out how but, my husband managed to pull in some extra work over the weekend even though he goes to school for 5 hours 4 nights a week. Is he an awesome man or what?!?

We pulled in $1,000 in second job money this month. PLUS, for those who are paid bi-weekly like me and my husband, you receive three checks in July instead of two. We had some maintenance and repair bills to pay but we got to add quite a bit of it to our regular $1,000 a month payment.

How much is the check I get to mail to Toyota this month?


This is the biggest payment I have ever made to Toyota. I’m pretty sure they will hate me but really…

isn’t that the goal?!?

Here are the new numbers:

• Original Debt: $38,495.86
• Paid: $27,731.70
• Remaining: $10,764.16

Broken Down
• Auto Loan 1: $0
• Credit Card: $0 Woo Hoo!
• Student Loan: $9,193.62
• Auto Loan 2: $1,570.54

What an amazing month for us.

Debt Update


I’ll try to do a debt update around the first of each month. Here is my debt update for June:

Starting Debt: $38, 495.86
New Debt Number: $27,814.62

Total Paid Since October 2008: $10,681.24

Woo Hoo! We’re over $10K

We were hoping to get ahead of schedule and have our credit card debt paid by July but it’s looking like August or September (still ahead, just not as much as we wanted to be) thanks to the California DMV fees and the higher taxes.