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An interesting party idea…


My husband decided to throw a ‘redneck party’. We live in a back country part of San Diego and our city is often made fun of thanks to the prevalence of confederate flags and livestock. Realistically, my husband thought it would be funny to dress in overalls and drink homemade beer with all his friends.

As we started working through the details, I couldn’t help but wonder… maybe rednecks have it right. Here is how we have prepared so far and the current expenses:

I threw together an online invitation for our friends (free):

It’s time to round up yer cousin and yer sister from their mobile home… we’re havin’ our first annual REDNECK PARTY!!


Because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

What shall you wear?

Guys: Pull your overalls out of the closet and throw on a wife beater tank top or your favorite Nascar t-shirt. Mullets, farmer tans, and confederate flags are strongly encouraged. Teeth are optional. Don’t forget your Skoal can.

Gals: Throw on your finest Walmart duds, tube tops, and platform flip flops with those Daisy dukes. Apply sparkly blue eye shadow liberally.

What should you bring?

Beverages: Pabst Blue Ribbon and Boxed/Jug wine.

Food: Moonpies, Cheese Puffs, Pork & Beans, Pigs in a Blanket, Fried Spam, Baked Beans, Spray Cheese, Potato Salad, etc.

Who will serenade us?

Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ACDC, and Gretchen Wilson.

There may be some games, there may be a redneck Olympian torch lighting ceremony, there may be prizes… but I can’t give it all away now can I?!?

So, hop in your 1987 Toyota Tercel and git over here!

We borrowed some used hubcaps from the local tire store to play games with and use for decorations (free).
We are wearing our own clothes (circa 1980 – also free).
We borrowed a wheel barrow from our neighbor for wheelbarrow races (free).
We pulled an old rope from the garage for the lasso competition (free).
We are borrowing new toilet seats from my husband’s plumbing company to play redneck horseshoes (free).
We rented country CD classics like Gretchen Wilson, Confederate Railroad, Kris Kristopherson, and Merle Haggard from the library (free).

So far, our expenses are zero! Perhaps we should rename the party ‘Working toward our debt free goal and having fun at the same time’. I’ll be sure to toss some pictures up here next Monday after the party.

Any ideas on cheap gatherings? How about additional games for our redneck party?


  • Reply the weakonomist |

    As someone who’s never made it further west than Oklahoma it surprises me to learn San Diego has a hick population at all. I live in the “original” south and many of the stereotypes you describe above are prevalent in my town.

    I have a couple of things to add. Hicks like PBR okay, but you really need to bring the Budweiser or it ain’t a party. Proper redneck get togethers also require extended use of lawn chairs and sitting in the driveway. We love to sit in the driveway and drink beer.

    You need at least one baby. Redneck social circles require at least one baby be present at all times. Finally the men have to do something stupid. It will either entail some kind of explosive or projectile weapon, or perhaps at poor attempt to do something cool with their new truck. Don’t forget, this is a redneck PARTY, we can bring our favorite NASCAR polo shirt. T-shirts are reserved for days off from work, we can look nice when we want to.

  • Reply brooklynchick |

    I hope you won’t be flying the confederate flag?

    Don’t forget cool whip – it goes on everything and ALL my hick relatives love it.

  • Reply mom |

    Please don’t ever reveal the name of your mom and dad. Ever since you married that Christopher, your life has definitely gone in a direction that…. well…. has been a little different than we thought it would have gone. A red neck party huh? Christopher… we need to talk. Love? mom

  • Reply Beth |

    Wow… This idea could be either very hilarious or very offensive. I can see some of my friends really getting into this idea, but some would be very upset by the idea of making fun of those less fortunate.

  • Reply Margot |

    I’m all about being a frugal host, but I don’t believe in imposing my hosting duties on others so that it costs nothing for me to be a host. Miss Manners writes a lot about this and all of the ways that hosts have stopped hosting (with the exception of potlucks, which are okay in my book and hers) and have greater and greater expectations of what guests are supposed to do and fund at parties, weddings, etc. When I throw a party, I provide the food and drinks. If people choose to bring something, that’s nice but not requested or required.

  • Reply tracy |

    Woo-hoo…I used to live in one of those SD rural surroundings!!

    Have a cold beer for me, and listen to Merle!
    Gads I miss that area, yet visit often.
    There aren’t any rednecks in Ca? hehe Don’t tell anyone! : )


  • Reply Cos |

    i’d love if my annual summer party was considerably more affordable than the grand (or so) it’ll end up costing.

    friend of mine was invited to a redneck party (charlotte, nc) and it was too much fun. offensive? i can see how some on in a wide audience might be offended but in this case where it’s a closed set of people i’m sure they will get the joke. i’d be down with it.

  • Reply Letha |

    This all sounds fun! I don’t think you are making fun of people less for fortunate than you. I live in Poo Dunk Texas, about as south as you can get and I don’t consider myself less fortunate than others. Just because we know how to be frugal and material things aren’t as important to us as they are to some other people does not make us less fortunate. We know how to have fun and be frugal at the same time. I understand where Bek’s and her husband are coming from. I applaud you!!!! Way to let you hair down and have a darn good time at it too!!! Those too quick to judge should be careful what they say…..or they may find themselves being offensive….

  • Reply Mar |

    Somebody is always going to get offended by something or someone, so don’t worry about that! As far as hosting, sory if Ms. Manners doesn’t like, but this is a perfect invitation for this type of party. It’s not like it’s a wedding recption or formal party. This is a get-down, good time.

    My only suggestion would be to add some other artists, including Toby Keith, Brooks and Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, , etc. Just my musical tastes, but they have a lot of fun music.

  • Reply Beks |

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear – even though I clearly stated my admiration for ‘rednecks’ – I wholeheartedly agree with the frugal lifestyle, redneck or otherwise. As someone who lives and grew up in the San Diego backcountry, I’m living up to the stereotypes of MY neighborhood… and I’m having fun with it. I don’t live in a nice area, I don’t have a nice big house, I don’t own expensive things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to poke fun at the lifestyle I live. Plus… what’s wrong with a lasso competition? Stop taking life so seriously. It’s OK to laugh – especially at yourself.

  • Reply Abigail |

    As someone who comes from redneck stock, I don’t think this is making fun of less fortunate folks. I think it’s tongue-in-cheek about a particular lifestyle.

    (Of course, I’m a big believer that if you have a mullet, you are accepting the inevitable ridicule.)

    Seriously, though, the “redneck” style of party this refers to is simply an inflated, caricature of a cliche. I doubt anyone would have found it offensive. Especially given the obvious hyperbole about teeth/sisters/daisy dukes.

    At any rate, as long as you know your audience, I think it’s fine.

    My husband and I had semi-monthly game nights for a while. It’s great cheap entertainment, assuming you have games/friends with games/access to some decent thrift stores.

    We would just provide some soda, chips & salsa and maybe cookies or some other munchie. Sometimes, we’d buy a couple of six-packs; but our friends always came with their own, too. (It’s actually a great way to collect beer, as it turns out.)

    Silly games — Cranium and other such, Scattegories, Apples to Apples, and Taboo — prove to be pretty hilarious. And no one has to worry about some steep credit card charge or splitting up the bill at the end of the night.

  • Reply Rae |

    We went to a “White Trash” party a few years ago and some of the decorations may be appropriate for a “Redneck” party as well. (1) use ironing board as a serving station. (2) if you have a removable car seat — such as a 3rd seat SUV — take it out and use it as furniture. (3) remove real pictures/artwork and replace with posters on the wall. Don’t forget behind the bathroom door! (4) bed sheets covering the furniture (5) cheap silk flowers throughout. Have fun!

  • Reply Abigail |

    I forgot to mention: Jerry Springer should be playing in the background!

  • Reply Angie |

    I don’t see how others are taking offense. You are just having fun. People who think everyone can live their whole lives without picking fun at other people or stereotypes are ignorant themselves. And anyone who thinks PERSONAL blogs should be politically correct are just too secure to let their own feelings out.

    And who doesn’t enjoy any of the stuff you plan on doing! Have a blast!

  • Reply HillBilly |

    Being a Redneck has nothing to do with being “less fortunate”. Being a Redneck is a lifestyle, and Rednecks would take offense to being called “less fortunate”. There are Rednecks who aren’t “less fortunate” just as there are “less fortunate” who aren’t Rednecks. Rednecks know the difference.

  • Reply Leslie |

    I think it sounds like a terribly elitist party. Are you better than people who buy clothes at Wal-Mart and enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? And, you’re even mocking potato salad?

    Seriously, I’ve totally lost interest in this blog.

  • Reply Mary |

    Oh lighten up ,life is so much fun if learn to laugh, there is a little redneck in all of us if you just let out and celebrate it. Remove that stick from your backside, and host your own redneck bash. All rednecks are not less fortunate than others it is a lifestyle.Just look at Paris Hilton , Has a new boyfriend every couple months, takes her dog wereever she goes, dances on tabletops in bars with her parents, partys nonstop at the age of 29.Put a pair of Daisy dukes and cowboy boots on that girl shes redneck too.

  • Reply Amy |

    I live in north Louisiana, the self-proclaimed “sportsmans paradise.” I stumbled across this thread while researching ideas for hosting a “redneck formal” charity event. In no way do I find these party ideas offensive. Anyone who thinks “redneck” is equal to poor in all instances is mistaken. Here, where oil and natural gas are our main industry, many a redneck find themselves in an upper tax bracket. Many of us are college educated, now find ourselves embracing our redneck roots and yes, even poking fun at them. And I even know TWO rednecks who have won the lottery… (seriously) Income does not seem to effect ones redneck ways. Trailer house or two story brick ranch style, the foods still fried, the bird dog is treated as well as the children, NASCAR on the tv’s, the deer head’s in our living rooms all get to wear Santa hats come Christmas, and shoes are optional for any of us once the temp hits 60 degrees. Just my two cents…. Love the ideas shared here.

So, what do you think ?