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Out of the In Crowd for Way Too Long…


Hubby and I don’t get out much. We stay at home rather than dine out, and on the rare occasions we do go out to dinner, it’s nowhere near the downtown San Diego club scene where a beer will cost you upwards of $15.

My husband’s friend is leaving to do government contract work in the Middle East and will be gone for more than a year. She wanted all of us to get together at a club downtown for her one last hurrah before boarding her international flight. She purchased three booths at a club downtown and was footing the bill for the pricey food.

Hubby and I made the trek downtown and waited in line at the club entrance. The ever so serious bouncer looked down at me and demanded, ‘ID?’

I pulled out my wallet and tried to get my ID out.


If it were possible for my ID to rust from non-use, it would have.

I yanked and yanked, the line of inpatient club goers behind me staring me down, my ‘coolness’ factor dropping faster than the Dow Jones in 2008. Finally, hubby took my wallet, and after a good fight with it, my reluctant ID came out.

‘Sorry. I don’t get out much. I’ve got a kid.. and lots of debt.’ I said with an apologetic smile to the doorman.

The gruff bouncer slid me a sideways grin. ‘I feel you. Why do you think I’m here? Have a good time’ and put back on his ‘mean’ face for the next person in line.

I smiled the rest of the night. I’m not the only one struggling.

There are lots of us out there.

When to keep my financial mouth shut…


My husband took me out for a nice steak dinner in downtown San Diego for our anniversary. We don’t dine out much these days so this was a real treat. As my husband circled the car to pull into a pay lot, I exclaimed ‘Hon, why are you parking here? I pay for monthly parking at work. We can park there instead.’ He looked at me and said, ‘You want to walk 8 blocks in freezing cold wearing hi-heels and a dress to save $8?!?’

‘Yes?’ I said sheepishly.

He rolled his eyes and continued forward into the pay lot. I kept my mouth shut as I kept thinking ‘That’s $1 a block! I’d totally walk it!’

He held my hand as we walked a few steps to the restaurant, smiling as he opened the door. We sat at our table and he opened the wine menu for me. The server asked what we wanted to drink and I searched the menu for the least expensive option. My husband, realizing exactly what I was doing, slammed the menu shut on my fingers and asked the server for his recommendations.

As he ordered the drinks, I looked over the menu. He quietly said, ‘Order what you want, not what’s cheapest.’

‘Oh. Sorry.’ I said.

And that’s when I realized what a HORRIBLE dinner date I am.

So. I shut my mouth. Ordered what I wanted (which conveniently actually was the cheapest thing) and didn’t pull out my calculator when the bill arrived.

I’m thankful to be married to a really great guy who, on occasion, finds my off switch.