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Resale Shop Jackpot!


We just returned from a day of shopping at local resale shops and we hit the jackpot.  Our first stop yielded 3 high end designer suits (Votre Nom, Apriori and Gerard Darel), 2 pair of slacks (Ann Taylor and Limited for $14 each) and 3 blouses  (White House, Black Market) for $200!  These items would have easily cost $1000 at full retail stores. 

Our next stop led to two great work dresses—Calvin Klein and Tahari–and a way, way discounted classic black Dooney & Bourke purse (side note–I hate buying purses and I am not very good at it so this is the first purse I’ve bought in over 6 years and according to Steve…it was time for my purse to be put to rest) and a fun Nicole Miller blouse.  The total there was $120 for everything!

We spent $80 at the last stop but here’s the list of finds:  2 pair of Abercrombie jeans for the boys, 3 abercrombie shirts for the boys, 1 American Eagle shirt for one of the boys and another great White House Black Market blouse.  The blouse was $13! 

The sales were awesome and the free tax weekend definitely helped!  I also found two more pair of Anne Klein shoes on ebay for $15 each and I have an entirely new high end, quality, classic wardrobe for about $450.  I shopped with assistance and supervision and stuck with the basic colors even if part of my brain is saying “black again?”  It is what I wear best and will get the most use out of at the office.   I am not a name brand person but I also learned from our blog conversations that I need to go with quality so that is why I am sharing the name brands.  Also, many thanks to Steve because he truly knows what I look best in and can pick things off of a rack in a heartbeat that are perfect. 

Great timing on this–I have a big work event in Dallas this week.  I admit it:  New clothes make these tough work things a little bit easier to handle.


Operation Wardrobe


At the beginning of August I shared that we held back $300 from the small credit card payment and that I would post about that later. 

This is sort of a confession I guess in that I have not planned well for a wardrobe budget.  Over the past few months with my changing weight and various work related activities, it has become evident that my wardrobe is lacking.  I’m confident this isn’t an “I don’t like what I have in my closet” issue but instead the product of trying to save money but ending up with a bunch of useless items that don’t have corresponding pieces.

If I could find Garanimals for Adults, I’d be their biggest customer.  I wore uniforms through most of my school years, wished I could wear uniforms in college and seriously considered the military because they would tell me what to wear.  I didn’t go with that option because they would tell me how to do a lot of things and back then (and a little bit now), I don’t do well being told what to do and how to do it.

I am not good at picking out clothes for work or play.  That’s why I owed Ann Taylor so much money!  I’d literally walk in and buy everything to assemble an outfit they had on display but then I’d get home and realize that created just that one outfit.  The top didn’t go with much else…the bottoms weren’t interchangeable either and I want to be able to mix and match but not look mixed and matched!  People often ask me if I want a personal assistant to manage my busy life and the answer is always know…but I dream of a personal shopper!  I’d like to just stay home and have perfect outfits brought to me that always look good, are versatile, fit well and last.  Well, who wouldn’t want that, right? 

So the $300 is a set aside for Operation Wardrobe.  I’m reaching out to good dressers that I know do so on a budget and asking them for help.  Once I build up a little bit more in the wardrobe fund, we will go shopping. I know this isn’t frivilous spending because my profession does require this…but I still don’t want to spend!  That’s a good thing!