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Big Spender and A Deadbeat


Here’s a few articles that caught my eye this week:

We only have the very basic cable at $16/month so we don’t get channels like A&E. There’s a show on there called Big Spender. Larry Winget is the star and he helps people to quit spending their life away. I haven’t been able to watch the show, but Beachgirl has been recapping the shows. As a sidenote, I decided to check out some of the video clips of the show and from what I saw…I’m pretty impressed with Larry. Too bad we don’t have A&E πŸ˜‰

Nickel is now a deadbeat according to a collection agency. If you remember, I had problems actually getting a bill for my miscarriage. If they pulled what was pulled on Nickel…I would have been livid. Luckily, I paid my bill and all was well.


  • Reply Da Big D |

    Big Spender ROCKS. He’s straight forward, honest, and trying to help show people their errors. The thing I don’t get is, why don’t these people ever stop and look at themselves?

  • Reply FinanceAndFat |

    Funny you mention Big Spender. I just discovered it by accident yesterday. It was pretty good, I’ll be sure to record it from now on.

    I also want to check out the new Dave Ramsey TV show, but it’s only on the Fox Business Network and my cable company doesn’t have that yet. πŸ™

  • Reply Kevin |

    I watch the show and like it. However I really wish they’d do some follow up like 6 months or a year later. Just 3 minutes or so where they go, “Remember John and Jane? We helped them with their spending habits 6 months ago. Well, here’s how their doing today…..” and see if they are continuing with reforms or gone back to their old ways.

    Almost every episode is someone who just spends wildly without keeping any track about how much they spend vs. what they make.

  • Reply Mar |

    I agree with Kevin – follow-up and let us know how they did!

    We do have the Foxs Business Channel on DirectTV, so I’ll look for the Dave Ramsey show.

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