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It’s About Time That I Received My Doctor Bill from March


I guess I should rephrase that title. I haven’t actually received my doctor bill, but I have received my benefits statement from my health insurance provider. It took almost 4 months to finally know how much I am going to have to pay for my doctor’s visit in March…$163.00. My health insurance doesn’t cover doctor visits, so I have to pay for all of that out of my own pocket.

I can’t complain about that fee, though. This visit was the one for my miscarriage and the doctor did spend a great deal of time with me. He spent at least and hour talking to me and suggesting things to do if I we were to plan on trying to have another child later. That time doesn’t even include the time he took to examine me. For once, I feel like I got what I paid for when it comes to medical care. I was thoroughly examined and counseled.

Now that I know what to expect, I can budget this bill in and pay it. The financial side of my miscarriage will be taken care of.

Emotionally, though, I needed some sense of closure to that day in March. Every time I thought about our finances I’d think about those bills and I’d think about that day. I am naturally a worry-wart and having a bill that I know is coming, yet I don’t know the amount, causes me a great deal of stress. Combine that with what the bill was for, and well, all I can say is I looking forward to paying it and moving on.

I know there have been some of you commenting about negotiating my medical bills and trying to get them to accept a lower rate. Part of me wanted to, and I had most of the money to pay the biggest bill (the hospital portion) for some time, but I was trying to get up the courage to negotiate with them. Just last week I finally sent the check out. I never did discuss it with them. I really wanted to see if I could save some money, but I didn’t want to even go in the building to talk to the billing department.

This is definitely an example of how your emotions can affect your finances.


  • Reply bella |

    I certainly agree in this case that $163 seems like a bargain. I’ve never seen a bill that cheap where I live!

  • Reply paidtwice |

    many hugs to you and yours. i’m glad there is some closure on its way for you. hugs.

  • Reply Cee Elle |

    I totally understand the emotion/finance connection. I am sorry about your miscarriage, I know personally how it does take time to heal. And I wanted to add my own emotional/bad financial decision story…my landlord makes me feel like shit, is rude and condescending. I ended up paying $500 to get a new garbage disposal just so I don’t have to see him, talk to him, or deal with him. And I won’t see a return on that $500 investment, as I’ll move out of where I’m living in a few years. Oh well…

  • Reply Lynnae |

    I started following your blog not long ago. I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I know from experience how hard that is, and the financial aspect only makes it worse.

  • Reply D |

    A calendar tells me how long it has been since I had a similar loss. Walking past my last house, I see the tree I planted and feel a tiny tug at my heart. As I read your words, I also remember that I didn’t do “anything” about my bill. I paid it with a credit card, so I wouldn’t have to look at it. It worked for me.

    Hang on! It never goes away, but it does get easier.

  • Reply debbie |

    I am really glad this looming bill is behind you. I completely understand about not wanting to deal with it. I can be more than persistent in fighting billing errors, but if it concerns something that is going to affect me in a negative way, for too long a time, I just pay it and move on. My mental well being is worth much more.

  • Reply Jen |


    I don’t blame you one bit for not negotiating the bill. And I can understand why you are looking forward to paying that bill. I hope once you do, things get easier.

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