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Frugal Backyard Landscaping Ideas


The other day, I asked if you had any questions for me in regards to how I keep our costs low. I received a question on whether I had any frugal backyard ideas and I do!

1.) Use old things and turn them into landscaping centerpieces. Sometimes some great landscaping treasures are right under your nose covered in dust. Old bricks found in a crawl space or obtained from old buildings can be used as borders for a flower garden or can be used for a walkway if you have enough of them. Old wheelbarrows, wood barrels cut in half and metal washtubs can be filled with dirt and flowers planted in them. Note: Make sure they have adequate drainage so they do not flood when it rains. That may involve drilling holes in the bottom.

2.) Skip the annuals and buy the perennial or bulbed flowers. We have tulips, crocuses, daffodils and irises in our yard (all bulbs) and they come up year after year. It is an investment for the initial planting, but after you spend once you have years of color.

3.) Look for programs for free or low cost trees and/or mulch. In some communities, the utility company, conservation districts or city municipalities may have discount tree sales and/or free mulch. Keep your eyes out or even call around to ask if a company has a program available.

4.) Buy at the end of the season for next year. Would you love to have a wood border around your plantings? Wait until the end of the season and snatch it up when it goes on clearance. Don’t forget to check smaller stores like Ace Hardware for deals.

5.) Look to nature. Natural stones can line a walkway or provide a border around some flowers. A piece of driftwood can serve as a centerpiece in a display of flowers. Look to nature for some free landscaping items. Note: some beaches/parks will not allow the removal of items so if you are unsure please ask.

6.) Ask neighbors. I have fruit trees in my yard, and often come across some fruit that is inedible. If someone asked, I wouldn’t mind giving them the inedible fruit so they can utilize the seeds to plant in their own yard.

Writing this makes me want to go do some work in our yard. But we still have snow! πŸ˜›


  • Reply Renee |

    Thanks for the ideas – I never thought about asking the city about tree discounts, but it makes sense since they probably have some sort of environmental initiative with all of these clear-cut neighborhoods being built!

  • Reply Nancy |

    when you plant crocus or hyacinth bulbs, remember to plant daffadils with them. Squirrels will eat the crocus and hyacinth bubls but when planted with daffodils, squirrels won’t eat them.

  • Reply Kris |

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. There are just a lot of ways to do a landscape project without spending too much. The idea of restoring old items into a piece of art for landscape is really true. I did some of it at my backyard during restoration.


  • Reply Kim | Web Design |

    I just love the ideas and will be using some of them.
    I was reading through the other comments, and thanks Nancy for that great tip, I have friends that have the squirrel problem and I will be passing this on to them so that they can enjoy their daffodils this year. πŸ™‚

  • Reply Frank |

    Hi Tricia
    I love containers on my back patio. But they are so darn expensive, so what I did was buy the cheap plastic containers that look like Terra cotta. I then bought some Krylon Fusion paint which is for painting plastic and painted several of them different colors. The maroon color made them look very expensive, but for pennies on the dollar, of what I would of had to spend.

  • Reply Charles Salsman |

    Nice ideas. I wish I didnt live in Westminster,SC so that I could have pursued the landscaping/home improvement ideas that I had.

  • Reply Randy Clap |

    I like this. One never thinks the job will be a cheap one, but these are great suggestions. Lawn care can become so pricey so these tips help even a old guy like me that lives in Orlando.

  • Reply Jake |

    My neighbours end up with tons of extra seeds at the end of the year! No way I’d pay what the big box stores want us to pay now!

  • Reply Mark Senior |

    I agree completely that Flowers and its various types adds value to the overall landscaping. Growth of organic plants give additional beauty to our home.

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