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Do You Have Questions for Me?


I was looking through my posts related to frugality, and I realized that I don’t really have much in there. By looking at our monthly spending reports, you can tell that we are saving money. But how are we doing it?

Many of the things that we do, I don’t necessarily think about as it being frugal until it comes up in conversation. Some of it is “normal” for us and I don’t think of it as extraordinary. A while ago, I was emailing with someone and I discussed how I decorated our son’s room for very little cost. I didn’t really realize how frugal I was being until I started talking about it.

If you have any questions to ask, feel free to ask away in the comments. I’ll go through and reply to them. The questions do not need to be finance-related, either. If you are curious about my favorite color, then ask 🙂


  • Reply Stephanie @ PoorerThanYou |

    I certainly would enjoy some of those frugal decorating tips – since my mom is going to be moving house soon, she’s become really, really interested in decorating, so that she can decorate the new house.

  • Reply Nathania Johnson |

    I would like some frugal tips for my backyard! We have a huge fenced backyard and we want to spruce it up just a bit before we sell. The front yard is landscaped by the homeowners association. But the backyard has poor soil and a lot of weeds.

    I want to make it attractive enough for buyers, but not too much so they can’t envision it for their own style.

  • Reply The Money Wars |

    I’m just getting started at getting out of debt after a lot of mistakes I made right after graduating. And I was wondering was there ever a point where your income was less than the minimum payments of all your credit cards?

  • Reply Da big D |

    Can you go into more of what you and your husband are doing to make more money? Ever thought of selling junk on Ebay? What about part time jobs? I was so in dept once that I worked the night shift (more money w/ night diff) and took a part time job @ best buy (which then got me into computers) and changed my career path. I was wondering if you were doing anything like that or thinking of it?

  • Reply PS |

    Re: credit cards. If a credit card is in one person’s name and you authorize a card in another family members name ON YOUR ACCOUNT BASED ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE, ETC. – signing that your card… and YOU pass away – is the other party responsible for the debt on the card incurred (by both of you?)

  • Reply Pro Se |

    I would like ideas to earn money blogging. I’m involved in litigation (unfair competition that shut down my businesses and cost me my home). I started a blog to track my case and experience.

    Litigation and the cruel things done to me over my company plans cost me everything. I’m about $90,000 in debt and there is nothing but milk, collard greens and condiments in my fridge. So, I have to earn money for my blog to pay bills and stay in court. I could write a book for lawyers who want to be frugal, but like getting $300/hour so I doubt they would interested..lol. Me, I’m without a lawyer and I absolutely have to be frugal.

    Any tips on making money with your blog and driving traffic to it?

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