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I noticed an upswing of visitors stopping by from searching for things like “strangers paying for debt”, “begging”, “cyberbegging”, “2020 show living with debt”, “karyn debt book”, “karen debt” and “debt blogs”.

Because I watched ABC’s 20/20 special tonight, Flat Broke: Begging and Borrowing in America, I know you are searching for more information about the show and found me.

Chances are…you are in debt just like me.

My husband and I had over $37,000 in credit card debt back in February of 2006. I started this blog and really started hitting the debt hard with our income of $48,000/year. We managed to pay off $13,000 of our debt so far and I’m blogging about what we are doing to make that happen. For a great snapshot of our debt reduction journey, please click here.

We paid off that amount by working hard and cutting as much as we could. This isn’t a cyberbegging site because I do not accept donations. I do have advertising on this site and the income fluctuates between $200-300 a month. That income is included when I say $48,000/year. That’s the thing about my blog – I let you know how much we make and how much we spend.

I tend to be pretty optimistic and I know there is a light at the end of the debt tunnel. Sure, I have my bad days, but overall I am keeping my head from looking at the ground when I walk. Debt isn’t something to be ashamed of, and as long as you pick yourself up after you fall, you can make things right. A positive attitude can work wonders.

I would like to invite you to follow me on this journey and you can do that by bookmarking this site and stopping by every now and then. You can also subscribe to my feed via email. What that means is that you will receive one email daily with everything that I wrote for the day (as long as I did write something, which I usually do). Or, if you have a feed reader, you can subscribe to my feed here.

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  • Reply Jim |

    Tricia, $200-300 a month sounds really good for a blog that’s only 1 year old. Has the revenue generally increased every single month? Is most of that from Adsense or from the sponsored links?

  • Reply Jade |

    I really enjoy reading your blog – yours was one of the ones that motivated me to start off my own, and I try to check back here regularly for updates πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Hi Jim – my revenue goes back and forth. Mostly because I never know if I will meet the Google threshold ($100/month). Overall, I would say that the revenue is increasing – but you never know.

    Jade – Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I’m glad you are blogging as well!!

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