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A Few Miscellaneous Updates


Just a post to give updates on a couple things…

1.) I won an auction on eBay for Mega Bloks! I was so excited. I’m paying more for them than I would ever spend at a garage sale…but my son just loves the blocks he has and there isn’t quite enough for mom and dad to make something too.

If anyone else is looking for them, I received an awesome email for a reader tipping me off that Big Lots is having a sale on Mega Bloks (unfortunately I do not have any of those near me :(). She also let me know that Toys R Us is having a sale on them! There was a tub of 250 for $12.00 that was a great deal…but I waited too long. I just checked and it is no longer available online :(. But, they have some other great deals on other mega bloks.

2.) My home repair didn’t get done last week :(. There are some materials on backorder so hopefully they will come in so the repair can be done this week. It bothers me so much that I have money sitting in my checking account doing nothing. The next time I save money for a repair or something, I am going to put in my Virtual Bank savings account and let it at least make some interest. Then, with a few days notice I can withdraw it.

Nothing real exciting, but sometimes I know I don’t come back and give updates on things. I am trying to get better at doing that.


  • Reply Ginger DItmore |

    I was wondering if you have sold anything on Ebay yet? I haven’t read all of your blogs yet but I did read the one that said you were getting ready with the room and free boxes. I was just wondering how you like it, I am thinking abut doing the samething.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Ginger – thank you for mentioning that…it’s another update that I needed to give.

    No, I haven’t started selling on eBay yet. I just haven’t had the time to get it all together and have the time to learn how to post things, etc. I’m hoping to have time after the new year to do it. I might try to sell a few things shortly because they probably would do well before Christmas..but we’ll see. When I do start, I will definitely blog about it and share info about doing it that I find.

So, what do you think ?