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Old Man Winter is Coming…Time to Turn on the Heat


I made at least one of my readers chuckle when I wrote about how I was doing my best to keep our heat turned off. It probably does sound funny to those of you who may still be using an air conditioner – LOL.

Well, I did turn on the heat for the first time today. We lasted longer than I thought we could, thanks to some warmer weather last week. But after last night’s temps in the twenties – we had to turn it on today.

There’s another reason too…we have a snow storm coming this week! They are forecasting one to two feet. That’s fine with me, because I think the first snow of the season is the prettiest because there is still a hint of fall color left.

With that, it’s time to go outside and get out the shovels and put any summer related things away. It’s funny because that’s what everyone around here seems to do once word gets out of the first “big snow” coming. I think we all wait until the last minute, just hoping fall will stick around a little bit longer.


  • Reply Jen |

    EEK! Snow already!? Well, that’s it – I am not moving to Michigan.

    Here in Massachusetts we had a really nice holiday weekend – sunny and in the 70’s and 80’s. But today it will be in the 50’s. I’ve turned the AC off, and actually “turned on the heat.” What I really did was set the thermostat to 60. So effectively it’s off… I just don’t want to wake up to a 55 degree home because I missed the latest weather report. Once it really gets cold, then I’ll program the thermostat warm up the house when I’m home and awake.

    Which reminds me – programmable thermostats are awesome for saving money and energy!

  • Reply Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas |

    I’m finally turning on the heater, but only for short bits, when the internal temp drops below my comfort level. Wearing extra layers and my ski cap has worked so far, but I am finally ready for some assistance.

    Keep warm and happy 2009!

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