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Must…Resist…We Can Do It


It was pretty darn cold day here today (I don’t believe it got over 45 degrees) and it was cloudy and rainy. As a result, there is a bit of a chill in our house. I just checked and our thermostat is showing 63 degrees. That’s one thing that is great about our house. Even though it’s over 100 years old it keeps in heat very well.

We haven’t had to turn our heat on yet this fall and today is probably the coldest day we have had so far. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a wonderfully sunny day and the sun can shine in. Again, I thank the makers of this house for having the windows on the sunny side of the house! I’m sure they were thinking frugally back then and it’s helping us out a little bit present day.

So we are all bundled up more than normal and I am just hoping we have a little break in the yucky weather so the house can warm up a little bit. All I want is to buy a little more time before we have to turn the heat on.

It’s sort of funny, because quite a few people in my area talk about “when they had to turn their heat on.” I think sometimes it turns into a contest among the locals.

For us, if we can make it to October I’m pretty happy. If we can make it to November I’d be jumping off the walls πŸ™‚


  • Reply D |

    It’s exactly the same story here. I wait for October to turn on the heat as well. With a home office, I am the only one freezing and the dog is in heaven.

    Last night, got down to 39 so it is a little chilly in here now, but looking out the skies are clear and blue. Yea!!! Sun.

    These are like big money savings days to me. No A/C and no Heat. Also known as low utility bills. I pay on a budget amount all year long so this just adds to my balance for the winter. SCORE!

  • Reply Karen |

    Tricia, I am just sitting here chuckling to myself because I am still having to run my AC – we finally got down below 70 last night for the first time in over 4 months! My ceiling fans go on high in April and don’t get turned down or off until November! I have to keep my thermostat at 78 and at that sometimes it just runs constantly! I don’t envy people being uncomfortably cold but a nice cool front would be awesome here!

  • Reply Jen |

    I live in Massachusetts, and year or two ago my co-workers and I were talking about how long we could hold out before turning the heat on. We were all trying to hold out until November, but we couldn’t. Right now we’re having an Indian summer, so I’m wondering when I can turn the AC off for good. Monday and Tuesday it was sunny and in the 80’s. A week from now it could be 60. Who knows?

  • Reply Tricia |

    D – I like those low bills too πŸ˜‰

    Larry – huh?

    Matt – so far, so good. The sun shined for a little bit today and helped to warm the house a little.

    Karen – ha, I didn’t even think of those who are in warmer climates. You can send some heat up this way….but not too much πŸ˜‰

    Jen – that sounds like the weather in Michigan. 80 one day, 50 the next. I’ve learned not to rely too much on the weather reports.

  • Reply Kevin |

    That’s where I draw the line at frugality. I hate being cold. I can live with 88 degrees inside with a fan on, but if it drops below 70 inside, I’m turning on the furnace.

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