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A Minor Debt Update to Report and a Decision is Made


I paid a few more minimum payments on my credit cards yesterday, so that brings my credit card debt total to $26,664. There will be a bigger update by the end of the month, because I made an important decision yesterday.

I have been setting money aside for some home repair and I haven’t been having much luck in getting someone to do it. I am going to dip a little bit into that fund and pay off Credit Card #6. CC#6 was the one that was charging me finance charges and I didn’t catch it for a while because I wasn’t paying enough attention to my statements.

Since the terms that ended up being with the card were different then the sales lady told me, I was feeling pretty tricked. To add to that, I received new terms of agreement for that card. The change was not good.

I’ve thought it over, and I feel like I am holding a ticking time bomb with that credit card. I’m worried it is going to explode even more finance charges on me. I do not like this feeling, and I’ve never felt it before with any of my cards. I just want it to go away, and the only way to do that is to pay it off. I have the money, although some of it is for something else. I just feel so strongly about getting rid of that card that I’m willing to put off our home repair for a while longer.

Sometimes, I think you just have to follow what your gut is telling you. And my gut is telling me that CC#6 is bad news.


  • Reply D |

    Ok – Good, but how are you going to pay for your repair? Will you make it the winter without it?

  • Reply Tricia |

    Hi D – Last winter I thought we wouldn’t make it, but somehow we did. I really feel like we need to get the repair done this year. I will be able to replace the money come next payday (near mid-November) and we could get the repair then. I just hope the snow stays at bay. I’m also thinking of putting up some flyers in the grocery stores for our truck in the garage and just ask for $200 (the junkyard offered $100). I think that’s cheap enough to get a quick sell. That money would really help.

So, what do you think ?