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July Net Worth Update = ($46,892)


Overall, I am very happy with our net worth for July. It still may be negative, but we managed to increase our net worth by 3.27%. A big part was due to reducing our credit card debt by 4.4%. My complete net worth profile can be seen at networthiq.com.

Sorry that I haven’t been writing much this week. It’s been easier to stick with crunching numbers. I’ve been trying to write – but I can’t seem to get anything out. I’m sure I will be able to soon. Thanks for sticking with me and thank you to everyone who has left kind comments. It is appreciated.

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    The words come and go. We’re lucky to PF Blog and be able to crunch the numbers, post them up and have it be a legitimate blog entry. Sometimes, it nice to put up the numbers, take a step back, think about what they mean, and then post an addendum. 🙂

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