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My New Perfume – Deep Woods Off


It started a few weeks ago…my husband got a tick. Luckily for me, he was able to get it off himself and I didn’t have to see it. I wasn’t so lucky the next time because it was right on his back.

As I looked at that thing ferociously attached to his skin I could feel my heart pound like you wouldn’t believe. The buggers have eight legs! Eight legs in my mind = a spider and I am deathly afraid of spiders, especially the big ones. I felt my whole body start shaking, but I knew I had to get that thing off my hubby.

I grabbed the tweezers and followed tick removal instructions and I had to stop a few times to compose myself. Every time that thing moved I wanted to jump a mile back. I finally got the sucker off.

My husband has been walking in the woods recently, so I was sure it was just him picking them up from there.

A few days later, my husband wakes my son up and he has a tick right on his head!! My hubby took that one off, but I still do not understand where my son got it because he hadn’t been in the woods or anywhere with long grass, etc in a while. Another weird thing is that no one in my family has had ticks before and this year there have been three!

My son and I went fishing last week, and I sprayed Deep Woods Off all over. I am not taking any chances and I guess I will just have to smell like Off all summer. I can’t help it. Those things freak me out!! I guess I will have a large expense for this summer for buying insect repellent.

I feel like such a wimp.


  • Reply Medicated Money |

    Do you have a dog? I know growing up our Chesapeake Bay retriever would go swimming daily in a pond near our house and he would bring many ticks back around the house!

    It was a summer chore to search that dog daily for those blood-suckers!


  • Reply Tricia |

    We do have a dog, but I don’t think they are coming from him. When he is outside he is just in our yard right by the house which I do not think would be inviting to ticks (but I could be wrong).

    The tick just must have come in on some clothes and hid out until he decided to attach to my son’s head.

    * shiver *

  • Reply Lisa |

    Tricia, that post just creeps me out! I get completely wigged when I see a tick on someone and so far have been lucky enough to avoid having one chomp into me. But if one every does, I am going to turn into SUCH A BABY! I will totally freak!!

  • Reply Nancy |

    I just saw this thread from 2006 Way funny, the Deep Woods is sitting in my table as I type. We’ve had bird mites all summer, and are still trying to get rid of them!

    The celebrities must never find out about our secret fragrance!

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