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My Husband Quit His Job


UPDATE My husband did ask for his job back, but changed his schedule to work during the week. The extra money coming from his income was hard to give up in light of our debt reduction situation.


My husband came home from work on Saturday and told me that he gave his notice at work. It has been something that we have discussed him doing, seeing as though I am working a few different jobs right now and he should really be focusing on developing his business and getting more clients.

I just didn’t know he’d was going to do it so soon, and when he told me, I had to catch my breath.

I want him to do it, and I want his business to succeed. At the same time, I get the feeling of uncertainty in my stomach. My husband’s income contributed about $500/month to our total income and it has been helping to pay more towards our debt recently. We will no longer have that, so I have been busy taking a look at all of our expenses and running various scenarios in my head. Where can we cut? Are there any monthly payments we can eliminate right now to free up extra money per month? May 31st is his last day, so I do have some time to think things through.

I believe in my heart this is for the best, but with any great leap of faith…it’s tough.


  • Reply Ashley |

    Wow, Sounds like you’ve got some things to think about. My husband was laid off in January and it has been a huge adjustment for us. He was making over six figures and he isn’t any more. We had to cut down on our bills too. I don’t know how we did it but we cut $400-450 dollars off our monthly payments. We just basically sat down and looked at the things that we didn’t need. The first thing to go was all the premium movie channels and what not. Then we got a family plan on our cell phones instead of having 2 differnt bills. Of course we got a huge chunk of change back from taxes and we paid off all but one credit card. And of course we didn’t buy anything and we stayed home a lot. Maybe this will help you some.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Ashley – The biggest monthly payment I can cut out right now is paying off our car with part of our tax refund. That’d be around $250/month. It’s so hard to do that though because it will be paid off in September of this year and we have basically paid all the interest on that loan already. I’m sure I’ll figure it out – I just wasn’t expecting it so soon. I have to get cracking 🙂

    John – Well, if I say – it will probably give me away. For now, I like some anonymity 😉

    But, I will say that about $10,000 of the credit card debt was from purchasing things last year that he needed to make his business a reality.

    Thank you both for taking the time to comment 🙂

  • Reply Gay Finance Blogger |

    My partner quit his job in january to concentrate on his Freelance design business. It was certainly somewhat scary for me, but allowing him to concentrate full time on developing his client list has been extreemely beneficial for his business. While he hasn’t yet replaced his “regular employment” income, he is well on his way. Have faith. After all, I have always heard you will never get rich working for someone else.

    Best of luck to your husband and you

  • Reply sarah |

    Tricia, I saw your note about your husband quitting his job. Mine did the same thing this morning — very suddenly, without consulting me. It was the same; he had been talking about it for awhile, but did it before I expected, at a time when we’re in terrible financial trouble and the economy is equally awful. I’m hoping that he will reconsider and ask for it back. Can you say more about why he made that decision, how he decided to go back on it, and how he explained all that to his boss?

  • Reply Tricia |

    He made that decision because of working conditions. They were very, very poor. I give him a lot of credit for putting up with it for as long as he did. He decided enough was enough when he quit. The dust settled and he talked to the owner about getting his job back.

    Because of the poor working conditions, it was difficult for them to keep employees. My husband was a good worker so that helped when he reconsidered his resignation.

  • Reply marvin |

    My husband quit his 74K a year job of which he only had to work at 9 months of the year. This morning he told me he didn’t intend to apply for any jobs as he has decided he’s going to be a self-employed mechanic. He contributes about $3500 a month to our income. He wont even agree to get another job to supplement his self-employment. We have three kids, all of whom are in school. I am still in shock and he wont listen to reason. We have $14,000 in debt but at 0% interest. The cost of living here is really high as well but he doesn’t want to move. It’s scary.

  • Reply Naomi |

    hi girls.
    my husband has been working in the same role for the
    Last 3 yrs and in the last 4 months he has suffered tremendously because of poor working conditions, huge office politics and has lost lots of weight and is completel stressed and depressed. In fact this week he went to office for only 3 days and wants to quit. He is the main bread earner for the family and bring in about 7000 per month. I was working till about 2 yrs ago then quit due to a 2nd miscarriage. But last month i started working for 2000$ per month. We both know he is not going to get another job and this is a huge blow to his career…he has been job hunting for over a yr with no luck!! we have a home EMI of $2000 per month
    We also have some IVF treatments coming up that cost about $13,000 per cycle. If we don’t do this now..i don’t think we will have a chance to have kids ever…i don’t know how to manage this stress…want to be supportive but know that if he quits we cant do IVF..how did you all manage this uncertainty and stress? Any tips from you all would be appreciated!
    Warm Regards,

  • Reply Smokie |

    This is insane.

    My husband doesn’t like his working conditions but he wouldn’t dare quit a job before securing another one. I’d have a fit and he would miss that $$$.

    Also, a man can multi-task. I don’t understand why your husband couldn’t keep the job he had, look for a better one, and STILL get his business off the ground. This is the only acceptable way to do it.

  • Reply Smokie |

    Honey, it seems like your husband doesn’t want a baby. Why else would he quit his job when he knows you need the money for IVF???

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