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Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Been So Aggressive


Not too long ago, I paid a large amount to Credit Card #2. But now I am seeing the feared red coming up shortly for my checking account, thanks to a bill that I forgot about.

I didn’t get my normal statement in the mail for the water bill and it completely slipped my mind that it would be coming due (it’s every other month – which really screws me up). It’s only $55.00, but I really ran down my account paying the $1,000 to my one credit card. I just wanted to bad to pay that large chunk and I was probably a little too agressive.

I received my disconnect notice in the mail on Friday, and I have until the 12th to pay. My direct deposited paycheck should be in the bank by the 11th. If it is, all will be well. Even though I love direct deposit, I have had things go wrong before so I try not to always “bank” on it being there on time.

I need to really start focusing more on my forcasting – my method that I use that I will be explaining in a later post.

Everyone, send good vibes that my check will show up in my bank account Tuesday 🙂

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  • Reply Sarah |

    I have system that has worked well for me to remember all my bills. I list them in a grid ( I just draw lines in with bills on one side and the months listed on top) in the back of my checkbook and when I have scheduled a payment (online) I put a dot beside that one and when it gets paid I put a checkmark . I put them in order of which ones are due first ect. I can quickly glance and see which ones are paid and which ones are still due. Hope this helps.

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