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Debt Consolidation Companies


I have seen so many advertisements for Debt Consolidation companies and I have been very tempted to go into one of their programs. I worked with a woman that joined a consolidation program. Her rates were negotiated lower with her credit cards and she had a lower monthly payment. According to her plan, she would have her debt paid off in 3 years.

I almost signed up right there, but one thing that she had to do bothered me. She had to close her credit cards and could no longer use them. Because our family was not in a stable financial position, I never knew if I would need to use a credit card just to buy food for the table or put gas in our vehicle. I just couldn’t close the cards.

Other consolidation companies may be different, but when choosing a program to go with, just make sure you read the fine print and understand what exactly will happen while in the program. There could be things like your credit cards needing to be closed.

Last I heard from that woman, she was having great success with paying off her debt and she was extrememly happy. These companies can do great things for people, just make sure you choose the one that is right for your situation and shop around.

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