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Gym Membership


I know this isn’t going to go over well with many of you, but I joined a gym.  Now before you think I’m suddenly being frivolous, let me explain how I am actually saving money.

As I’ve shared before, I love my yoga.  I only thought I loved doing yoga before my divorce…now I know that yoga is a critical part of my recovery.  (Side note:  Steve’s first ex-wife became a yoga instructor with millions of hours in training…I didn’t really understand her obsession but now I do).  I’m not some over the top yogi but doing yoga twice a week is very good for my temperament.  I am not good at being mentally still or quiet and yoga helps me practice that needed skill.  As things have been pretty chaotic over the last two months, I did not have a “yoga plan.”  The kids’ schedule changed dramatically with DS starting athletics at public school and DD surprising me by wanting to play sports with the church.  So as I’ve adjusted to their schedule, my schedule has taken a backseat.  Bottom line is I find that without yoga, I don’t maintain a very gentle demeanor!  Most of the time I can get away with this in my business.  I’m not saying that it is okay to be rude but I have a good job for getting out a little aggression!  But it can quickly go beyond that and I’m getting unnecessarily annoyed with people!  Yoga does the mind, body and spirit good and Claire needs yoga!

But yoga can be super expensive at the studios!  I wish I would do it at home, but I won’t.  I was using my spending money but it is still too pricey.  And I’m reluctant to buy a package b/c I end up losing some of the time I’ve paid for because I can’t get there.  So, enter a new gym by my house and office…LA Fitness.  Let me know if you’ve had a horrific experience with them.  They are new to SA.

I’m not a gym person and don’t know that I will stick with it but I do like their early morning classes.  My company gets me the $149 initiation fee waived and my monthly cost is $24.99.  There might be a way to get the company to help pay for the monthly cost too–I’m currently looking into that.   Either way, it is cheaper than dropping $15-$20 on a single one hour yoga class.

So, see? It’s a GOOD decision so long as I go!  They have a 5 day notice period to cancel your month-to-month membership.  The gym opens on Tuesday the 20th.  I’ll report back on my progress!

My President’s Day Slip Up…


I fully enjoyed sleeping in, eating a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV, and practicing my yoga routine on Monday morning. I met my husband at a local sandwich shop for lunch and slowly made my way back home for a relaxing afternoon. Ten minutes into watching Maury’s ‘My husband is cheating on me with my best friend’, I decided midday cable television wasn’t for me. I fired up my computer… and that’s when the trouble started.

OK, OK, honest truth? The REAL trouble started 15 weeks ago when I discovered our impending parenthood. I looked at my car, previously seen as perfectly reliable and safe, and decided it was a traveling death trap and I needed a new ginormous SUV ASAP. Before you say it, let me say it for you… ‘That’s a Californian for you.’

I shared my terror and newly discovered hatred for my car with my husband and he sweetly said, ‘Sure hon. You are more than welcome to get a USED car… as soon as you come up with fifteen grand cash.’

He’s a friggin’ laugh a minute.

Back to President’s Day, I clicked on the internet to surf some of the debt blogs I like to read and my home page pop up said, ‘CAR SALE – CAR SALE – CAR SALE!!!’ and of course, the photo was of my shiny new dream car. I began to think, ‘It won’t hurt to just test drive it. Test driving never hurt a soul’ followed by, ‘I wouldn’t have to finance much’ and ‘My raise will cover it’ completely ignoring the fact that future daycare expenses will more than eat through my raise AND my husband’s raise.

I put on my shoes and practically vaulted out the door in my excitement to get a new car when I received the following text from my husband, ‘Just wanted to let you know how much I love you and I’m so proud of how we handle our finances.’

I glanced up at the security cameras on the front of the house and froze, wondering if he was somehow watching me then remembered I had paid out of our budgeted cash for lunch and he had made a comment about how great it was to not use the debit card.

Daaaaaaaang it!!! Guilt ALWAYS works.

I went back inside to finish watching Maury and polished off an entire cantaloupe in the process. I had the rest of the afternoon to assure myself that my car is fine… it’s my patience that needs the work.