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Disparity between Girls and Boys Sports


I spent the morning at a fundraising tournament for Princess’ high school volleyball team. The funds raised from this and two other fundraisers they have planned are to help offset the $300 price tag for the parents. Which in and of itself is great!

Is it Really a Fundraiser?

However, my concern with this type of fundraiser is that the bulk of the financial investment still lies with the parents. For instance, each player had to pay $5 to play. They also had to either supply cases of drinks or baked goods to sell at concessions.

From what I can tell, there are 10 teams here at $30 per team, that’s just $300 they’ve brought in. I don’t know how much a bake sale at this type of event is going to make, but I cannot imagine it will be substantial.

While there is no cost for labor. The coaches are the referees and vollyeball players are working as line judges, covering the door (it is $5 to get in for spectators,) and selling baked goods. I just can’t see how this type of event is going to pull in any significant amount of money to help us parents out.

In fact, after the prizes they are giving to the top 2 or 3 teams, well, I just don’t see this being successful as a fundraiser.

Or is it Just Fun?

Granted it was a lot of fun; they are obviously enjoying playing with teams of their own creation. There are teams comprised of football players only, family teams from the parents down to the young siblings and parents playing with their children and friends.

Princess volleyball team

Ready for play – Princess and her teammates ready at the fundraising tournament.

Perhaps if it had been better advertised. I think there was just two messages sent out…one with the volleyball players themselves via a flyer and the second a social media post just a couple of days ago. It’s too bad the support for girls sports is underwhelming compared to the local football team which you cannot get away from.

Disparity between Boys and Girls Sports

Even the girls notice. I had a group of four volleyball players in my car yesterday, and they were lamenting the disparity in funds and support for their team versus the boys sports. Not only did they bring up the cost, but also the lack of new uniforms and new equipment. But worse then that, at least in my eyes, was the lack of recognition for their efforts.

Evidently, during announcements, the sports highlights are read and little to nothing is said about the girls sports unless there is a “star” player who did something amazing. I don’t know. This is really our first time with public school sports.

Princess is loving it, but it saddens me that even the girls recognize the difference in financial and community support.

Is this the same in your community? Has anything been done to address it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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School Sports Cost & Fundraisers


Well, the BAD community was right again! Princess public high school volleyball team is going to cost a required $300 to the school, and other “optional” equipment costs.

Cost to Play Public School Sports

The $300 price tag is broken down into two parts:

  1. $150 – Required Volleyball kit which includes Nike shoes (retail for $110,) Nike team warm up with school emblem embroidered on it and two uniform jerseys. (All of which we get to keep after the season is over.)
  2. $150 – to pay for game dates, referees, etc.

There are 37 girls on this team. The school is collecting $11,100 for a season that last just under 2 months. Holy cow!

Evidently this is the same way other sports work. (The volleyball coach also coaches the soccer team.)

This blows my mind. The parents pay for the uniforms, the parents pay for the referees…I confirmed with my parents that when I played sports in high school this was not the case. The school provided the uniform (and kept them after the season, etc.)

Princess Serving

School Sport Fundraisers

The coach did say the girls will participate in three fundraisers to raise the funds BEFORE the parents must kick in. That’s at least a partial release.

Currently, these are the fundraisers they propose (evidently must be approved by the school board first:)

  • Co-ed volleyball tournament – $5 per player with prizes handed out to first and second place team.
  • Selling donuts – I’m guessing Krispy Kreme, have seen this one done for lots of local organizations.
  • Selling something else – Ugh!

I am so not a fan of these types of fundraisers. Princess sold chocolate bars for the theater department this last semester, what a pain. And I’m still not sure what all that work and effort was for!

I am grateful for the chance to raise some of the money, but I really wish there were other options. Have your children had to do fundraisers for school? How do you feel about them?