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Totaled Car but So Grateful


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post regarding my New Debt and New Car, we have gone just at 8 weeks with one car. It has been hard, but we made it through and no one missed any commitments or activities or work!

Sea Cadet got up most mornings and took me to work, and then returned to pick me up. We were able to borrow my Grandmother’s car most evenings when Gymnast had practice, and I was able to find a steady ride Princess to youth group (when Sea Cadet is in class and I am an hour away with Gymnast.) You can see, it’s been a bit of a juggling act.

Needless to say, we were all really grateful when we unloaded our new to us car from my Uncle’s trailer Saturday morning on our way to drop Gymnast at practice. But within minutes of his drop off, that all changed…

1996 Honda Accord

Sea Cadet ran head on into a car turning left. It was his fault. The car is no longer driveable. Thankfully, both drivers (no passengers) walked away with very minor injuries, nothing broken. It could have been ALOT worse. Princess and I were right behind him when it occurred. I am so glad he didn’t have to go through what can be a very scary process alone.

His car is totaled, but we did not carry comprehensive insurance on it, so there is no replacement help. Thankfully it was paid off. (Our liability insurance will take care of the other driver’s damage and medical, thank goodness for good insurance. Thanks, USAA!)

Once again, we are back down to one car. But I am so grateful that this wreck was not worse! This will definitely have financially implications, but haven’t had time to wrap my head around them all yet. Right now, just figuring out how to get him to all his obligations as I am not quite ready to turn over my new car to him.



Investments…part 1


I forgot to look at my 401K while I was at work today so these numbers are just some random investments I have from rollover accounts from a prior employer.  I’m very comfortable with the growth and management of the amount in mutual funds.  The $8,812.43 is sitting in cash for the moment with an investment group that I have moved my money out of.  I had a good contact there but he left the industry for health reasons I believe and the person my accounts passed to just didn’t impress me.  So I transferred the bulk (the $18K) and then hit some road bumps on the remainder.  I have such limited knowledge on this stuff but I’m doing research and trying to learn.  I’ve got to call and move that money sitting in cash this week!  The other moves were made at the beginning of this year.  I moved my money to USAA which has a great reputation and performance history.

The 529 College Fund is for my two children.  They each have 75 hours of an undergraduate degree paid for due to their father’s military service (a perk of being a Texas veteran that served during wartime) but we aren’t putting all of our eggs in that basket.  My ex and I were on a pretty regular deposit schedule until the divorce.  It isn’t that we agreed to stop investing…we just didn’t cover it like we should have when we divorced.   The oldest (12 years old) knows how to log on and check the balance AND has made a few deposits of birthday money and such.  I want to get on some sort of schedule again.  Oh and their paternal grandparents are very generous (read: too generous) with birthday and holiday dollar amounts and I’ve asked that they consider depositing a portion of that directly into the 529 but…since it was my idea, apparently it was a bad one!  LOL!  So, I’ve recently put my energy into teaching the kids about how to split up that $ and put some away.  That’s better anyway.

Tomorrow I will provide our current 401K balances.  If I am not mistaken…we figured out a few months back that together we have $80,000 total (that is the below AND the 401K accounts).  I am not currently adding to the below accounts but I am putting 8% (4% with a match) in my 401K.


$18,818.55 in Mutual Funds

$8,812.43 that I need to move from its current location.

$10,481.22 529 College Fund

$1,000.00 in an IRA