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Saving ‘the man’ money…


When booking out of town travel for work, I get to choose where I stay. We have a generous maximum allowance that most employees use fully – even upgrading room choices for nicer suites.

In my crazy mind, I figure the finance department actually monitors the spending and takes note as to who spends the limit, and who saves the company money. I didn’t want to book a budget busting hotel and chose one a little further away in a less expensive area.

I didn’t say it was a bright idea.

I arrived at the hotel and was pleased to discover it wasn’t too bad. The area was nice and the buildings had been renovated sometime in the last 4 decades – a big plus for me. Remember folks, I stayed in hostels in Europe with mold growing up the walls and dirty sheets. My standards are what some would call… shockingly low. Anyway, I liked the place. I wouldn’t say I felt ‘safe’ but I felt I could adequately survive the night.

At around 7pm, a high pitched scream echoed down the hallway. It was followed by more screaming.

A lot of screaming.

Turns out, the occupants in the next room where the proud parents of a 5 year old who took to screaming whenever she didn’t get her way. That particular screaming fit was because mom and dad wouldn’t let her put the key in the door.

Great. Now, in the event someone decided to murder me, my screaming would be overpowered by a 5 year old.

The screamer eventually gave it a rest and I fell asleep around 11. At 2, the hotel alarms were set off by some kids playing pranks. The alarms blared for more than an hour. The hotel staff was quick to apologize, but their apologies didn’t help me focus in the 8 hour training session the following day.

The rest of the week went pretty much the same way. Alarms, screaming children, car horns blaring. You get it.

Lesson learned.

When traveling for work, save money – but spend enough to keep your sanity.

Business Travel…


My company is sending me out of town for training after the 1st of the year. I have to successfully complete one month in accelerated courses to pass my probationary period.

Funny. They still haven’t ‘officially’ given me the job, but they are organizing my training.

As we sorted out hotel accommodations, they reviewed my per diem rates for food, gas, etc. The budget manager tapped on my plastic company card, ‘OK Rebekah, we both know you don’t eat much and you’ll never get anywhere near spending all of your allowance. Don’t be tempted to drink the difference. Alcoholic beverages are not covered’ he said with a wink.

They take away all the fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown on tickets purchased by my employer.

Traveling on someone else’s dime is always a lot more fun.

Pushing Yourself in More Than Finances


For the last 10 years, I’ve wanted to run a marathon but marathon’s are daunting. Even though I played soccer and trained for hours each day, I didn’t think I could run a marathon so I didn’t try.

I also told myself I’d never get out of debt.

As I watch my debt amount fall, I’ve become more confident in my ability to do my list of impossibilities. I see that I am capable of doing more than I ever thought achievable. Suddenly, a marathon looks like something that is hard… but something I can do.

I told my husband I was planning to start running and the marathon I chose to run to next year (one of the most grueling marathons in San Diego) and he said, ‘Are you sure?’

And I am.

I have just shy of one year to prepare for my 26 mile ‘impossibility’. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to my jelly donut and rolled taco diet and say hello to my tennis shoes.

Isn’t it time you stretched yourself in more than your finances? And is paying off debt giving anyone else the ‘I can do anything’ thoughts?