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Minimalism to the extreme!!


i recently came across this video online. It’s about a woman who didn’t want to continue paying exorbitant amounts for rent and/or mortgage, so she started researching tiny houses. That led her to start researching minimalism in general. And, finally, she had this crazy idea to move into a van! A VAN!!

check out the video here

The comments were pretty mixed. Some hailed her as a genius, but others described her as cheap and/or homeless (due to lack of physical address).

In the video, the woman says she had $40k of student loan debt, which she was able to pay off in one year thanks to not having a monthly rent or mortgage bill.

What do you think? How far would you go to become debt-free? What’s the wildesttt/wackiest thing you have done in the pastWe used to DIY our baby wipes when our kids were still in diapers  That was a little “out there.”

Housing Decision Made – Finally!


We are staying put.  It was just too much to keep searching and hoping for somewhere to move too.  And with the requirement to give 60 days notice here, it would have put us moving towards the middle of the school semester.  So we are staying in our cozy 2 bedroom apartment.

I did make the commitment to the kiddos and myself that come May of next year, we are out of here!  Thus I have already given notice that we will move out on the day our lease ends which is right after the end of our school year in April.

Where we will go then…no one knows, but we will be leaving here.  The possibilities are endless and a bit exciting:

  1. Have found and purchased a home here for less than $150K (that is the top of my budget and I would rather be right around $100K so we are definitely looking for a country home, fixer upper.)  Only time will tell if we can find one.
  2. Put all our items, really not very much in storage and hit the road to travel for a while.  The littles and I did this for a couple of months right after we were forced out of our previous rental home as we waited for the home my dad purchased to be built.  It was fun and with planning, we can do it fairly economically.  I’ve been looking at the Ultimate US Roadtrip and wondering if they was a way we could do that.
  3. Have a rental ready to move right into…I’m really not so keen on this at all.  With the dogs and the space and the price, it’s just SO expensive here.
  4. Decide to move away…it will be History Buff’s senior year and he should be quite far ahead after this year so technically most of his work will be online via dual enrollment next year.  None of the kids are really excited about this possibility and frankly, I’m not either but it is a possibility especially in light of the cost of living here.

So who knows what is to come…but we now have the school year to figure it out.  And I’m very pleased with this decision in light of keeping our housing costs relatively affordable despite the lack of space.  We are definitely paying for location, location, location.

AND I will have yet another winter where I don’t have to deal with snow!  AND by the time we move BOTH twins will have their driver’s licenses.  So I am definitely looking at the blessings here.