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Living on Last Month’s Income


Last week I told you that we were going hardcore on the debt pay off journey beginning in April! But in addition to that I would really like to get to a point where I am living on last month’s income as Ashley has.  So that is where I am going now…

With the new monthly output of $3000 per month on the hardcore budget we are sticking too, I estimate I will be able to live on last month’s income May 1st.

What this means short time is no big debt payoff for the month of April. But those will resume in May.

For the long term…a peace of mind that I’ve not had in a very long time.

Thank you for helping me to get this place where I have choices and know I can do it.

Thank you.

Goodbye Grocery Budget…


I never go grocery shopping by myself with the little guy but decided to try it out on Wednesday afternoon rather than wait until the weekend for hubby’s help. I gave myself a huge pat on the back as I was able to complete an entire week’s worth of grocery shopping.

Then came Thursday’s power outage.

I had purchased mostly dairy and meat products… the very things you need to throw out after a power failure.

I practically cried on Friday as I threw out the precious contents of the refrigerator.

We’re living on a really tight budget since I’m off work for 3 more weeks so I can’t go out and replace anything I bought. Soooo….

looks like we’re living off canned goods and pasta this week.

Thankfully, our box freezer in the garage was locked and held it’s temp. We were able to keep our frozen stash of discounted turkey meat and chicken. Whew!