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The Best $0.46 I spent this Christmas


How many of you are members of rewards programs at the different stores you are shopping at this Christmas?  Go ahead and raise your hand, we can’t see you.  I think I’ve mentioned before different earnings I’ve gotten from the rewards programs.  I am members of a ton of them…only free ones.  And this month I’ve gotten lots of freebies or special coupons because it’s my birth month.

I mentioned that Christmas was going to be very learn, even non-existent from me in regards to actual purchased items in my last post. Then I collected our mail before we headed out of town.  And there it was a $10 coupon to Dick’s Sporting Goods, no minimum purchase required.

Princess and I dropped Gymnast at the local gym for his practice and ran across the street to the store.  I ran right to the clearance rack in the boy’s section and found my $10.46 pair of gym shorts for little Gymnast.  I paid $0.46!

I should have taken a picture, but I rushed back to wrap them.  They are white.  I would never buy white, even though he’s begged every time he gets new shorts .  But I figured at $0.46, if he ruined them, I wouldn’t cry too much.  Now he will have 3 pairs of shorts to work out in (he’s going to the gym 20 hours a week.)   A great blessing since we don’t have a washer and dryer so keeping him in clean shorts daily can be a challenge!

Tell me about your shopping win this Christmas season!  (I will post a picture of him in his new white shorts when tries them on after Christmas!)

And We’re Shopping…


Remember our Garage Sale when we were in purge mode last year.  And all the other stuff we sold.  Well, we’ve broken down and decided to spend some of it.  I had hoped to be in a permanent home before we did that, but circumstances require some shopping!

We are going to buy a TABLE for our tiny dining room.  It’s got to be the right size and shape to work for the space, and I’m hoping it will leave enough room to put some sort of storage in their too as our kitchen is just unpleasant with all the clutter.

To do this and make the best use of our money, I am watching the local online sale sites and we are regularly visiting the ReStore. We are all pretty excited about making better use of the space and having somewhere to 1) eat together as a family that is not balancing plates on our knees in chairs and 2) spread out school and project work when needed.

SIDE NOTE: We originally had almost $5000 from all our downsizing and sales, but I dipped into that to help pay for our “new to us” car.  (Yes, I know you want a post on that, and I will get to it.)  So we have about $1800 left.  But I think a table will run $130 or less for what we are looking for and we can get a few chairs at $20 or less each.