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Increasing Income


While the spending cuts continue, I’ve spent a little time brainstorming some income generating ideas.  Hubby and I have a storage room of “extras” that we didn’t need when we combined our families.  In addition to wanting to cut that $35/month cost for the storage space we have discussed selling the “extras” in the storage unit.  Our original thought was to keep everything for the eldest when he goes off to college but I think we just made a blanket decision on that and didn’t really take a good inventory of what we have, what he can realistically use and–most importantly now that we are tackling debt–what we can make money from selling!  We have a refrigerator, washer and dryer, lots of furniture.  We’ll do an inventory soon, figure out what can go and put all proceeds toward debt.

I also have some leads on side income that I can work on during the “kid free” weekends.  I’m looking at doing some side jobs in my professional area as well as some new things that are out of the box.  I have a telephone interview for a position as a reservation clerk for a major company…but they already sound perplexed by my application.  Oh well….I’ll just be honest and tell them I’m on a debt elimination plan!  All of the ideas are “work from home” opportunities so there will be no additional costs incurred for commuting.

I did a closet clean out this weekend and have a good size box of random Ebay stuff.  I’ve sold on Ebay before—mainly craft supplies a few years ago.  I might have $200-$300 worth of random items so I’m excited about that!

I took two big boxes of my daughter’s clothing to a consignment shop this weekend.  I had taken a small bag of things to this store in the past just to see how I did and from about 15 items, I made over $50.  I am excited to find out what I earn with this batch.  I had a load of adorable Easter dresses from over the years and I’m glad I actually got them TO the store well before Easter!

I’m looking at things through these new glasses and asking myself if something I find around the house can make us money!  Let me hear your unique ideas for income!

No Food, No Cash, and No Active Accounts…


Even though we promised not to, my husband occasionally surprises me with a gift on our anniversary. He’ll usually save a small amount of cash from his second job and buy something really thoughtful and sweet. This year, he purchased something but was unable to pay cash for it since it was out of state. He didn’t want me to see where the gift was coming from so he went to Western Union and put it on our debit card.

What he didn’t know? Transactions from Western Union automatically shut down our account for possible fraudulent activity – even though the charge was less than $100. No charges, no cash out, AND no online access. I didn’t know why the account was shut down and I couldn’t check the transactions online.

Being the naturally calm, level-headed person I am, I called my hubby to tell him our identities were stolen, we were destined for a life of poverty because of a thief, we wouldn’t be able to buy food for weeks, and we’ll die from slow starvation.

Accustomed to my overreacting downward spirals, he hung up on me, called the bank, and had the whole thing sorted out in less than 5 minutes. BUT, it would take them 24 hours to turn the cards back on and enable online access. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal but since this week is payday, our cash grocery fund has about 12 cents and the fridge is empty.

Dinner tonight? Pita bread and tomato soup. Breakfast tomorrow? Pita bread and tomato soup. Lunch tomorrow? Pita bread and tomato soup.

It’s going to be a long 24 hours.

Lesson learned? No more Western Union.