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He Did It!!


After all the time, the dedication, and… the MONEY, he did it. My husband finished his degree.

Well, OK, so he still has two summer school classes to take but since he will finish this summer, they let him walk at the ceremony this weekend.

I’ve been so busy with work and obsessive house cleaning (aka fanatical nesting), I haven’t had time to enjoy the moment. On the morning of the graduation, I woke up at 5am, made a batch of cinnamon rolls, cleaned the bathroom… again, got ready, and left for the ceremony. I chatted with my parents before the ceremony and promptly at 8am, the lights went off and Pomp and Circumstance filled the air.

Suddenly, the waterworks started. I couldn’t control my darn crying.

Fortunately, being just over 7 months pregnant, I can get away with almost anything… including crying at graduation ceremonies. The reality is, I’m so proud of my husband, I would have cried anyway – baby or no baby.

My saving grace was my mother. She’d randomly start clapping for graduates we didn’t know. Thinking she was being supportive of students whose parents weren’t there, I was warmed by her sweet thoughts… until she let me know her REAL reason for applause. “I’m clapping for all the girls with cute shoes” she said in a very serious tone.

Hmmm… and people think I’M the weird one.

We celebrated with one heck of a graduation party at our home with friends and family.

It was a really, really great weekend.

There he is!

Community College – A Good Investment…


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Zac Bissonnette’s recommendation for students to attend community college for two years prior to moving to a four year university. Surprisingly, a lot of you didn’t agree and several folks stated, ‘You get what you pay for.’

Here’s the funny part…

I attended community college prior to moving on to a private university.

Obviously I’m not the expert but let me tell you why I absolutely agree with Zac (obviously not all community colleges are the same as ours):

1. Our state college and our community college shared more than half of the same instructors – who taught the same classes at both. The difference? I paid $60 while my state friends paid $580.

2. The class sizes were significantly smaller at the community college vs. the state college. All of my teachers knew my name.

3. San Diego State University, our local state college, is notorious for its impossible acceptance standards. BUT, if you attend the local community college for two years, you are guaranteed a spot. While your perfect GPA valedictorian student can’t get in, my average GPA husband is registering for classes.

4. According to Bissonnette, students who transfer from community college to a four year university are more likely to graduate than those who started in university their freshman year.

5. Best of all, my student loans amounted to $15,000 instead of $30,000 and my diploma from my private university looks exactly the same as someone who attended all four years. There isn’t an asterisk on my diploma saying, ‘We only vouch for half her education.’

That’s just my experience… what’s yours?